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Hex Bar Recommendations / Handle Question

I looking to add a hex/trap bar to my home gym. I noticed some with raised handles and some without raised handles. What is the difference in how it affects the lift?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a hex/trap bar to hold olympic weights that wont break the bank?

Raised handles shortens the range of motion, makes if more of like pulling from a block or rack. Low handles is more range of motion and more like a convention DL starting point. High handles you can pull more, and personally I feel more leg drive from the quads than hips. Use both.

Get the one with raised, as I was informed to my own embarrassment here, you can flip it upside down if you get the one with high handles and it is now a low handle.

I got mine on Amazon for 100 bucks. Used it for 400 lb+ loads with no problem. Hope that helps.

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I have one from a chain sporting goods store with the raised handles. Just gives more options.
Has held up fine for years. No reason to pay shipping in my opinion for a bar like that.
I’m a huge fan of home gyms. Well worth the money and the time saved.


Amazon Prime ships for free!

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Exactly this. I’ve used mine far more for loaded carries than deadlifts though, especially after I first read “never let go”. I find the high handles fucks with my deadlift mechanics, my body can’t figure out If it’s squatting or deadlifting and does neither.

Great point.
I’ve done my part to keep them in business. I haven’t used them for sporting goods/ gym equipment.
I probably should. I tend to order from the individual business- EliteFTS, Ironmind, Newyorkbarbell, Spud Inc, etc…

I live in the middle of nowhere so it’s easy for me. I am however going to get my new power bar from New York barbell.

I have some of their products. No complaints. The customer service department was a help when I ordered my dumbbell rack.
Shipped on time , no damage on arrival.

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