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Hex Bar DL Carryover to Straight Bar DL?


Can those knowledgeable tell me how well gains in the hex bar deadlift carry over the straight bar deadlift?


well, I guess everyone is going to play dumb and I have to find out the hard way.


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I think the response you'll get from a lot of people is that there's little carryover. The high handle, touch and go style is pretty infamous for inflating people's numbers. That being said, pulling from the low handles involves a lot of quad drive off the floor and is much more difficult. The only notable deadlifter I can think of that uses it as assistance is Konstantin Konstantinovs, there's a video out there of him doing 770 or so for reps.

I'm conducting an experiment now trying to see if I can get any carryover from it. I'm weak off the floor and my best conventional pull is 510, 385x8 off the low handles last week absolutely sucked.


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So pulling from the low handles could potentially make me stronger off the floor in the conventional deadlift?

What about pulling from the low handles with a deficit?

The weak link in my conventional deadlift is my back. When the weight gets heavy my hips shoot up and back rounds. How do I make my lower back stronger? Just deadlift more?

I guess what I'm trying to ask is if the hex bar will strengthen my back and if that will carry over to the conventional deadlift.


Hex bar actually hits your back less.

Pin pull or elevating the bar somehow will emphasize the back more. I wouldn't go any higher than knee height and focus on doing what you would at that height at that portion in a full deadlift.

Of course, you could also do goodmornings, stiff legged deadlifts, back extensions, and reverse hypers.


It is easy enough to do a hinge style movement with a hex bar.
Not sure that never gets mentioned.


That's true and I like it for hitting the hamstrings and glutes, but it still doesn't work the back in the same way other exercises will. I actually like doing rdl's like that because it didn't tax my back like that. I miss that bar. I miss the SSB even more.


Supplementing Farmer's Walks with your hexbar will build a stronger core, which could assist a little.

Like they said though, the hexbar definitely takes the back out of the equation more.

I have a hard time believing there is no carryover though. You train grip, leg drive, hip drive, you become accustomed to holding heavy weights, and most who say it doesn't carryover still claims it makes you stronger... So how are these gains not applicable? I'm at a loss a bit.


You know what carries over really well to the deadlift? Deadlifting.

Also, quit calling it a "straight bar deadlift". That's like calling the squat a "back squat".


I had to be specific.


Because we're in the powerlifting forum, saying deadlift would be sufficient. You could specify between sumo and conventional deadlifting.