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Heterosexuals in the Closet?


"Certainly, there is an obsession with male-female sex but mostly in homosexual terms, i.e. promiscuous and anonymous. Heterosexuals are being turned into homosexuals in the sense of being unable to establish a permanent bond with the opposite sex.

Heterosexuality is the basis of the natural life-cycle; it is not a "sexual preference." Non-gays, especially women, are naturally monogamous because heterosexuality ultimately is about procreation.

Heterosexual norms and institutions are routinely ridiculed and affronted in the mass media.

For example, in opening scene of the hit movie, American Wedding, (2003) which is aimed at impressionable teenagers, the future bride performs fellatio on the groom from under a table in a crowded restaurant.

At the wedding reception the groom's unruly friend accidentally has sex with the groom's grandmother in a dark closet. He thought he was making it with the bride's sluttish sister. The grandmother is so satisfied that she removes her objection to her grandson marrying a shiksa. In the final scene, another friend performs cunnilingus on the unruly friend's mother in a bubble bath."


Destruction of the family --> destruction of moral values --> humans become low animals, all set for the leash.




So now sluttiness among heteros is being blamed on the evil gays too? Lol.


If it's in American Wedding, it must be true.


PS: Oh yeah, TSB.


Nope, but the whole idea of anonymous and promiscuous sex is a dominant feature of the homosexual lifestyle (read the studies, never experienced). Promoting this has led to higher divorce rates as sex becomes similar to the gay sex described above.

Maybe all gays should be forced to marry one another. :wink:


That was pretty funny. The shit people spend time writing. What is TSB?


Did you honestly just say monogamy was in any way natural? Are you insane?

And dhickey, TSB = Tube Steak Boogie. Basically calling someone out for trollin'.


How's your daughter enjoying that dildo you bought her?


I'm all for gay marriage, in case you hadn't noticed :slight_smile:


Nope, no homosexual tendencies here --- irresponsible, anonymous sex. Are you homo-hetero, as described above?


a sexually promiscuous culture is the norm for a non-christian-influenced culture. So those who are happy about the trend towards that becoming the norm for American culture - be happy. The moral restraint brought by the affect of true practicing Christians in this culture is greatly subsided and soon will be completely dissipated as fewer and fewer true believers remain. Allow those of us who remain in that shrinking group the privilege of continuing to speak out against that which is wrong and harmful to the souls of men and nations as we are slowly ostracized by the deafening roar of the onslaught of your morally unrestrained depravity . . . .


Here is an idea for you:

Monogamy is sexual socialism.


so polygamy is sexual conservatism? WTF?


I like tits. I don't know why, I just find them captivating. Just like when I look at a woman with great legs, and the way they join up with a perfectly sculpted ass.

None of this I can explain, no one actually told me I should like them, I just do.

Funny, that.


Hmmm...I have 2 biological sons and one adopted daughter, so you're wrong again, in your simpleton kind of way. Yeah, I sucked with the sluts and whores, finally realizing that they weren't drawn to me because I like long-term relationships, caring, honesty, integrity; you know, all those little things that you and other male versions of sluts and whores know nothing about.

Anyway, I gather that you equate fucking lots of sluts and whores to be the mark of a REAL MAN. The stuff Henry Makow describes fits you spot-on, boy.


Is the op parodying a rather sad and pathetic paranoid element of society, or is he for serious, I can't tell?


I sincerely hope you're right!


I find it interesting that the people/races that tend to be more conservitive are reproducing. The liberals arent.


Dumb as a box. Look, Makow says that an elite wants to control population. They do so by encouraging heterosexuals to behave like homosexuals -- no long term relationships, random sex disconnected from values. He even has a link to Planned Parenthood where the founder advocates forced abortions and forced sterilizations. Makow also claims that this elite wants to be in charge of everything.

The enemy of the elite is the family. Loyalty should only be to Big Brother. Are you getting it?


Let's totally have kids we can't afford.