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Hesitant To Begin Westside

I am thinking about slowly incorporate the westside methods into my training.

1-Some have said that this method can lead to burnout really quickly in natural powerlifter (since I train naturally) I may put all pieces but with reduced volume.

2-With Ian King training I have used max method with row/pull and I worried about losing all this strength.

Some natural experience with westside would be appreciate my training would probably look like this

Train 3 day a week alternate A-B-C-D, train body part every 4 to five day.

Day A
Box squat 5245-55% or box jump
stiff legged deadlift 3585%
single leg hyperextension 21270%
Full vertical leg elevation 212
High cable crunch 2

Day B
Speed bench 5245-55% or explosive push-up
Dips 3585%
pull up 345lb(around 6-8)
front plate raises 2
external rotation 2*12

Day C
Seated good morning 3RM
front squat 2585%
glutes-ham raises 212
russian twist loaded 2
oblique crunch loaded 2*12

Day D
floor press 3RM
bent-over row 3RM
seated military press 26
reverse curl 2
external rotation 2*12

         Thanks for you feedback
                   keep fighting

Westside for Skinny Bastards is a fantastic option for someone not quite ready for the true Westside template.

I completely agree with Nate Dogg about Defrancos westside template it truly is awesome! The nuts and bolts of the program is heavy training but with rep work to increase muscle size I used the program for just 2 months and was very happy with the results.

I too have been interested in strarting to train WS, but I have a few lingering questions…

First off, we all try to train in a way that is supportive to our short/longterm goals. My goals include getting stronger, more powerful, more flexible and leaner so that it’ll support kickboxing when I can finally get back into it. I want to revolve my bf% around 8-10%. WS’s template seems to have most of what I need. It definitely works on explosive power, strength, and strength endurance. I mean, these guys at WS are as strong as mules… but they don’t have the physique that I’m looking for. Is it possible to acheive a lean physique while training WS?

Second, I have read quite a few of Tate’s articles, and it seems quite apparent that the G-H raise and the reverse hyper are key movements in their program. Furthermore, he says that the only really effective g-h raise and reverse hypers are done on those machines specifically designed for them. I work out at home… I have a power rack and various bars. How am I supposed to compensate for lack of equipment. There is no way I can afford (both money and space wise) to have those machines in my small basement gym. How do I work around these problems? Are there substitute exercises that will effectively replace the G-H raise and reverse hyper?


Re what KyleWitter99 wrote:

From my admittedly limited experience, the GHR and/or Reverse Hyper would be ideal, but not necessary. No movement is required, but some are better than others. As far as substitues, someone with more experience can chime in on that.

From Jim:[i]

If you don’t have a Glute Ham Raise here are some exercises you can perform:

Romanian deadlift
Dimel deadlift
Straight leg deadlift
Straight leg deadlift standing on a box
Good mornings
Good mornings with Jump Stretch bands

If you don’t have a Reverse Hyperextension machine:

Perform the same movement on a high table or box
Back extensions
Pull-throughs (can be done with a band or a low cable)[/i]

As for your bodyfat, training does not dictate this. What you put into your mouth does.

I have been following the Westside/Conjugate Method for about 8 months now, and I have not burnt out and my lifts are increaing constantly. I am natural.

The Westside boys as a whole aren’t really concerned with looking ripped and lean! Their approach to diet would give a BB a cardiac arrest.

If you want to see someone in good shape who uses Westside Barbell take a look at Jackass. Look him up at elite fitness or search here in the photo section.

Adonail, i have been doing conj peri for only 14 weeks, but am dropping back to 3 days/wk as well. mattwray informed me he does 3/wk & had really nice numbers at his first meet. so it should be ok.

i don’t have a GHR or rev. hyper & use those moves he mentioned, plus some others like lunges & front squats & bulgarian split squats from time to time. just make sure your hitting the possy chain, so barbell hack squats for example maybe wouldn’t be a good choice.

dips: i did dips too initially, but conj peri can be hard on the shldr joints…so remember to listen to yer body (i’m sure you know this though). dips never hurt my shldrs before, but now they do so i’ve dropped them for the moment.

i use joe defranco’s modified west side on all my athletes - we have some of our own mods. as well though, which is implementing russian kettlebells - and - we do sled work almost every workout (2-3 x week) in conjuction with other strong man type training - truck pushing, sand bag work and med ball work - that’s the gpp influence from westside - the results have been ass kicking my friend!

At Diablo Barbell we all follow the Westside template. We actually have a crew of fighters that train there. They are all pretty lean but damn strong.

I agree with the others that it is diet and genetics that will dictate how your body responds to this type of training.

You should also look into Joe Kenn’s new book. He has a way of working the Westside method into three days. He has also worked the olympic lifts in there if that is of any interest to you. It is the best book that I have gotten in a LONG time. Look into it.

Hey Erika,

What type of fighters train WS at your gym? I’m really into Kickboxing and BJJ, so I’d be interested to see what style these guys practice.


Do you know the name of this book? I looked around a little and wasn’t sure of the title.


If you are talking about the Joe Kenn book, it is called, “The Strength Coach’s Playbook”. But remember, like all intelligent people, Coach Kenn’s program is always evolving. So pick up the book and then get in touch with him about any questions you have. He may be doing things a little different now since that book came out.

I am not trying to be an ASS lol
I just fished my last week of circa Max and I am in a pissy mood !!!


There are a few things that really piss me off. One of them is people that think they need to take drugs to train with a “Westide” template or to get strong …

The majority of my lifting partners are drug free. Every one of them has gotton so much stronger in the last year.

One guys bench has gone from 315 to 500 plus in less than a year … His pull has gone from 405 to over 600 …

Guys putting 200 or 300 hundred pounds on there total is common …

All my Football Players are crazy strong they do not do drugs plus they run a shit load …

How do they do it …

  1. Learn how to do the lift properly

  2. Train what is week

  3. Get in shape to train …

  4. Back off when needed

  5. Work smarter not harder …

  6. Do recovery work-outs get massage ect.

  7. EAT !!!

Don’t used drugs as an excuse !!!

[quote]Scottish 190 wrote:
You should also look into Joe Kenn’s new book. He has a way of working the Westside method into three days. He has also worked the olympic lifts in there if that is of any interest to you. It is the best book that I have gotten in a LONG time. Look into it.[/quote]

AWESOME BOOK!!! I just got it a few days ago, and am starting the program as we speak (type?). I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Actually, Kenn’s book is entitled “The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook”. I got mine about 6 or 7 months ago at amazon.com for about 14 bucks.

But yeah, even if you do not use the Tier System, the book’s information on setting up micro, meso and macrocycles is invaluable.

But as said before, you can call or email Coach Kenn or go over to elitefts and ask Coach H any questions you might have afterwards.

Always continue to learn. Read books (Joe Kenn’s and others), read articles found on T-Mag as well as those on Elite Fitness Systems.

Find things that work for you, not every thing that the guys at EFS do or things that people post on here will work for everyone. Everyone has different training experience. That is the joy of training. There is no golden workout to follow.

I am on a modified westside lifting program and strategy. I am natural look at me and there is not question, lol. Anyway i m still getting the hang of it. But I dont think the scheudle is that bad at all. After the first few times the speed sqauts barley even wear you out.

My max regular sqaut went from 275, to a max box sqaut of 335 in less than a month. That is still not alot but I ve been squatting for about a year.

I m now doing 300 pound good mornings. Something i never even thouht of.

It works.

You do 300lb GM’s? Damn…I only work with 185 at the heaviest…but I can squat off a 13 inch box around 370-380 easily enough…oh well!