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Herschel Walker Signs With Strikeforce


[i]Former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker has signed an agreement with Strikeforce, FanHouse has learned.

The former NFL running back will immediately enter an 8-to-12 week training camp with the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif.

Strikeforce director of communications Mike Afromowitz said it's too early to speculate when the 47-year-old will make his debut with the organization but it will probably be sometime in 2010.

"This isn't a publicity stunt or a gimmick," Afromowitz said. "Herschel Walker has tremendous athleticism, and he has always shown that off the gridiron. He's accomplished a lot in his life and in the world of sports. His accomplishments speak for themselves, and we hope that his athleticism can transition into a successful MMA career."[/i]


Interesting....to say the least.


Anybody know if Walker has a solid background in MA? I know he's a fan but does he train in it any art style fairly solid. If not this pretty much is a bad idea.

I repect the man's athletic ability, but this is late in the game to try to pick up the skill set.


I know he has a background in TKD......and Ballet.


Herschel Walker's a genetic freak and maybe the best college running back of all time, and while I'm sure he's still strong as an ox he's damn near 50 and has no organized fighting experience that I know of. This is 100% a gimmick and the guy might get seriously hurt.


seems like a crazy idea, how about walker vs canseco


I've always liked Walker, from what I know of him he seems to be an exceptional human being. I wouldn't tell anyone not to pursue their dream. However, Strikeforce seems a bit grandiose for the 47 year old with no professional fights. Maybe, just maybe, if he had a prolific college wrestling history I could see it, but this just seems wrong.

Anyone know more about his martial arts background? Hopefully he has at least a few years of submission grappling experience of some kind leading up to this. Surely he has that right? I hope so.


Yeah he was in TKD, and I have a video of him kicking a friend of mine and his kicks were abysmal. This was around 1984 - even then, Walkers kicks really sucked...and he did TKD. I mean like a greenbelt with tight hamstrings who plays Dungeons and Dragons all day sucks. He is roundkicking a friend of mine and his kick blows.


Dear god, who's next? Hulk Hogan?Michael Irvin? I wonder which one of Herschels personalities will show up


HW was a crazy athelete. Strong, quick, great endurance, but the guy is 47. I wonder how long the retired NFL athelete to MMA fighter fad is going to last? I am guessing as soon as these guys start getting crushed by mid level fighters the interest will taper off a bit.


We'll see what SF does with him. Hopefully they stick him in one of their lower level shows. Challenger series or something like that. I suppose they are having trouble finding anyone that can sell seats and is not already in the UFC, but this really seems like they are jumping the shark.


Apparently, he's been competing for years. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Former-NFLer-Herschel-Walker-signed-with-Strikef?urn=mma,190906 .


In MMA? Where is that apparent? If you mean he has done some TKD tournaments then that doesn't really mean much.


I forgot my quotation marks.



Im like old... and he is 10 years older then me... this is kind of crazy.

I watched him in the bootleg USFL , and that was before I was in HS-

nothing like a freak show for the tickets.


I met Herschel two years ago in DC at Smith & Wollensky. He was still massive, bursting out of his blazer massive, and was sporting a cast on his arm. Even though he was with two (two!) hot blonde women, he still took the time to give me an autograph and a brief chat. He is ancient but seems like a great guy and from what I read he has an amazing work ethic. Hopefully he gets to knock a few cans around before old age catches up.


And I meant to say the video is from around 1991. He wrote a book a year or two ago about how he has a form of multiple personality disorder from some abuse he suffered as a kid.