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If you watch the show...i definetly think the second season is starting out a lot better than the first!


Odd that you'd say that. From most reviews and forums I've seen, fans are generally unhappy with this season so far.

I'm still undecided at this point which I prefer better. I liked the way last season started by immediately identifying the future threat, so you knew what everyone was working towards. This season that didn't really happen until this past episode when Peter went into the future and saw NY evacuated.


That's what i like about it!! The fact that they introduced more characters (that tie in with season 1's group), and it's taking them forever to reveal the threat. Hiro and Peter have the most nailbiting roles right now, and it's keeping me on the edge of my seat..I'm still trying to figure out West (Claire's man friend) he's a little suspicious...maybe it's me


I'm really not liking the Hiro part this time. Hopefully it will eventually tie in with everything else that is going on. Right now it just seems like empty filler. And smells a little too "Back to the Future" for my personal taste.

Claire's man is definitely dodgy, but less so than I thought her father was the first season. There's so many grey characters in the series it really keeps you guessing. The only one who's proven himself totally dark would be Sylar, and Mat's dad is certainly looking bad too. For the rest they could be heroes or villains on any given day. Which makes them more relatable for sure.