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It’s still hard to wrap my head around this. A man looks up momentarily, sees 100+ floors of burning steel and concrete on the verge of collapsing, and rushes in knowing that he will probably lose his life in an effort to save others. So much blood has been shed on this forum over the current situation in Iraq, let’s put that aside for a moment to remember those heroes. (TRUE HEROES, not media creations)

My father was in FDNY Ladder 144 in Whitestone, thank god he wasn’t working that day but he rushed into the city once he saw the planes go into the towers, two of his brothers are also Firefighters and all three were not working that day. Since 9/11 my father and one of my uncles have retired, each put in over 20yrs on the force. My father new 150names on the FDNY casualty list…and your damn right they were all heroes.

Everytime I read about those fireman or see something on TV I am amazed at the level of bravery they showed. Truly amazing that as a group they all showed that level of courage.


There’s a reason they’re called “New York’s Finest.”

My total respect to all who serve to protect life and property.

I’m sure Say can jump in here and tell us that 9/11 was a Zionist conspiracy and the US is to blame, and firefighters are worthless civil servants… :slight_smile:

God bless those that lost their lives that day

I don’t think would dare jump in with a stupid comment on this discussion.

Nothing but the utmost respect for these guys.