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Hero Teen Throws Amazing Party


Hopefully not a repost:


Being cool means never having to say you're sorry.


That news anchor was a bitch, screw her. He seems pretty cool to me.
"Why don't you take a good hard look at yourself?"
"I have and so has everyone else and they love it!"

Hahaha pwnd!


HAHAHAHA this guy is hilarious.




I remember this from a while back.

Kid just doesn't give a fuck. Good way.


That is pretty funny. LoL that woman tried to talk to him like he was her kid. "Ummm no."


probably the oldest thing ever posted.


"ill apologize but im not talking off my glasses"


Lady: What would you say to other kids who are thinking of partying while ther parents are out of town?
BAMF: Get me to do it for you.

The reaction of the news caster is awesome right when he says that shit. I personally think she has a crush on that kid.

This did happen a year or two ago but still awesome no doubt about it.


She wants to fuck him.


so true...


Jesus Christ! :)))))))))))))))


haha this is AWESOME.
You know what I respect bout this kid..he didn't give in man. Everybody i mean EVERYBODY seems to give in once authorities are involved..and news..damn..everyone will suck up n all.
This guy stuck to his guns man. Good shit. Wasn't changin his mind bout a damn thing!


That guy is renowned in Australia to be a fucking fag, just another lame young cunt trying to be cool.

We have plenty of his type here. Stupid, Bright clothes, sagging pants, anti-authoritarian attitude and SCRAWNY AS FUCK!

He went on Celebrity Big Brother and he quickly turned into a wussy little girl wanting to see his mummy. On a positive note, I think somebody beat the shit out of him at one point :slight_smile: ....


Everyone should get their ass beat at least once in a lifetime.


Corey fucking Worthington. To quote HolyMac - gayer than a bag full of rainbow dicks


this happened around 2 years ago lol


Yup. Down here in Australia he's known as a bona-fide asshat


If my kid did that there would be a whole definition of ass kicking.


I agree, however, I still haven't gotten a beating yet so I'm wary of every corner and person who's bigger than me :slight_smile:

Anyways, I've no doubt the kid is an asshole but that was some funny shiz


This kid is actually ass ugly without the glasses on.