herniated disk

i injured myself almost seven months ago. I really haven’t trained legs after the incident since most of the exercises I cannot do. Right now I am training back/chest, and delts/arms. I hate training only upper body because my legs have been getting gayer and gayer. Any ideas on what to do or what kind of training regiment would be great. Also I think I can do lunges, extensions, and leg curls… thanks for any guidance.

Hey Bro,
I herniated a disc in my neck and it definitely took a while to come back. Even now I have to be careful and it’s 1.5years later. From now on your goal is to train without pain. If it hurts the disc, don’t do it. So while leg extensions may not be the first choice for most people, if it’s all you got it’s better than nothing. Unilateral deadlifts, squats, leg ext and leg curls and such listed in Ian Kings articles are great. You need a lower load to work the muscle. Read Ian’s Limping articles and check out ski squats, King Deads, bulgarian squats and some of the other exercises.