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Herniated Disk

So it started off as a good day when mu guidance counselor gave me 4 full pages of D-1 colleges with powerlifting teams ( LSU, Florida State, Ohio State, Florida ) I was ready to lift hard as hell and get better grades. I got home and went to acupuncture for my sciatic nerve pain. I tell the doc that it was hurting really really bad yesterday during deadlifts and he tells me he’s almost positive I have a herniated disk. Due to the long time the nerve is taking to heal and because by my hips and lower stomach it’s crooked. Both signs of having a herniated disk. I’ve never been so pissed off in my life, anyone know good ways to help this? I was told no squats/deadlifts, hang from a pull up bar to stretch the spine, planks, and no core work that involves a tight spine ( crunches, sit ups, leg raises ). Well…fuck my life at the moment

See a sports med doctor.