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Herniated Disc

I had back surgery about 2 years ago on my disc (lumbar laminotomy) L4/L5. Ever since the surgery I haven’t really recovered the way I hoped to. I’ve had episodes of extreme pain (enough to see the dr. to get pain pill). Recently, the pain has gotten worse. I got an MRI a couple weeks ago. Got two opinions from two Dr.'s. I need surgery again.

What exercises you would recommend after my surgery. I am going to go to PT for at least 1-2 months after the surgery. Since this is my second surgery on the same disc I can’t mess around anymore. I need to life properly and do exercises that don’t compress the back. What are some leg exercises I can do? Which ones put the least pressure on my back?


Planks, side planks, cat camels, dead bugs and bird dogs are all great for your low back and abs. For your lower body you need to learn to properly deadlift. A kettle bell deadlift is a great place to start. It will take the stress off your spine by centering the weight instead of being out in front of you. The glute bridge will also hel you a lot. Once you get comfortable with that you can progress to trap bar deadlifts. Again the weights will be at your sides which will provide less stress than a traditional deadlift.

Soft tissue work your hamstrings, adductors and quads.

Mobilize the shit out of your ankles and feet.