Herniated Disc Recovery

Anyone have tips for dealing with herniated discs? and sciatic pain that is involved with it?

Thank you!

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Whatever your back specialist says. For me, it was rehab. Specific exercises and traction(hooked up to a machine that pulls you apart). I think traction is what finally did it.

I had a slipped disc and bulged one pressing against the sciatic nerve.

What did you do? I messed up doing martial arts.

I’m in the surgeon’s office right now with 2 herniated discs. I’ve tried everything over the last 6 months and have had no luck. McKenzie therapy was recommended to me by several people that had good luck with bulging discs, but in my experience if the disc is actually herniated you might as well bite the bullet. In retrospect I should have had surgery much sooner.

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I messed mine up over time with squatting with a butt wink and going too low.

If you get surgery, please let me know how your symptoms are after. What kind of lifting do you usually do?

I’m “going under the knife” on Monday. I’m anxious but excited to get some relief.

Hope you got some relief. I had a microdiscectomy about 10 years ago and it went very well. I was able to return to weight training in about 6 weeks with no restrictions, including squats and deadlifts. Since then, I’ve had some aching flair up occasionally, but nothing serious.

I ended up having a Laminectomy and microdiscectomy. The sciatica pain is totally resolved. I’ve been working out with light dumbbells and machines. I should be fully released to train in 2-3 more weeks, although I won’t be back squatting or deadlifting ever again.

Chronic lower back pain and neuropathy for many decades.
Activities thru age 20’s and up. Gym, weights, running, Karate (ran several full size dojo’s also compeitition), golf (lots of compound twisting).
Eventual lower back discectomy to reduce severe nerve impingement and spinal cord compression from a ruptured disc. Still unstable. Fusion would have been better perhaps. Long recovery. Regained use of leg that was progressively weakening. Neutropathy pain, etc, still some after effects. No longer able to lift anything.

doctors: MD’s, Neurologists, spine surgeons, pain management sports MD’s (no chiropractors, only MD Specialists).
diagnostics: Xrays, MRI’s (a must to show soft tissue, nerve impingent, etc)
PT and rehab: Program by Sports and recovery MD’s.

Be careful. Suggest the best MD’s and diagnostics, MRI’s, etc, that you can get.
Work and play within the limitations of “your spine” not the limitations of others.
Look far into the future and be careful.

recurring bulging discs here, lower, upper/neck.
3 things for me:

  1. good PT (spine center, not cheap block PT)
  2. change sitting position
  3. regular exercize
  4. DMSO gel 75% (burns like hell, works)

lasts about 6 months from first flareup to healing. so far all of them went away

Had sciatica and l5-s1 disc hernia.
you might want to take a look at this:

or this

It may help.
in my case, my legs were way too tight, and when that is the case the back is overworked and eventually breaks. You need room in the legs to have a healthy back. I have no pain since then but it took me a hell of a long time to fix myself. I had huge pain that wouldn’t let me sleep. Took me months to be pain-free, but if I could do it you certainly can. I was really messed up.

Not a doctor, but I made this channel to share some exercises I learned from Iyengar yoga that helped me. it’s all free. Let me know what you think and if it helped.

Had a herniated c5 for 4 years. Didn’t know at first I thought it was my shoulder. I couldn’t do pull-ups without having a dull ache in my shoulder blade so I cut out pull-ups or anything that required me to hang with my arms overhead and that seemed to work the for about 2 years would get bad pain in my trap and stiff neck every so often about 3 times a year often required to stop working out until pain subsided. All of sudden started getting shooting pains and numbness electric shock sensations traveling from my neck to my fingertips. When I finally went in and had an MRI it showed c5 pushing against my spinal cord. I got a cervical disc replacement surgery with mob-c I’m 7 weeks post op with no pain it doesn’t even feel like I had surgery. All the numbness pain stiff neck gone. My only regret is I didn’t have it done sooner. Cervical disc replacement has a high success rate better so than lumbar disc replacement but even lumbar disc replacement has a high success rate. I can’t wait to start working out again.

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Mobi-C is much better than cervical fusion. And as far as lumbar disk replacement, the Europeans have been doing it for decades, and the results are great. Virtually no wearing out of the parts.