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Herniated disc in lumbar

whats goin on, i need some help and i think you guys would probly have had the most contact with injuries.

About a year ago i hurt my back doing dead lifts with bad form due to tight hamestrings and going to heavy. I ended up getting an epidural in the herniated disc, it then felt about half better and i carried a heavy tv and hurt it again about 2 weeks later. Its been a few months now and it still hurts and i was thinking about getting another epidural. I have been taking celebrex and before that viox. My back doesnt hurt bad, only when i wake up or get up from sitting and it only hurts if i flex it or extend it or aggrevate it by picking something heavy up. What can i do, its laready been a year.

sorry if th

oh man, i had that too, so i know how u feel. i got it from football and it was absolutly the worst. i couldnt move, run, it hurt during sex… i will stop. go to the doctor and check it out again. it might just take a lot of rest and rehab. i chilled for something like 8-9 months and then got back to lifting. it hurt a little at the beggining but now its fine. do good mornings when you come back, those r amazing.

hope that helped. hope u get better 2.