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Herniated Disc and Spine Oppinion


Could you guys take a look at the attached MRI image and post your opinion about 2 things:

  1. How bad is the herniation at the L5-S1 level? I have mild to moderate low back pain and tingling sensations / low pain in my right leg. I have been training with the pain for about two years until the herniation was discovered one month ago. No deads or squats as i have a long history of low back issues due to basketball training and weight lifting. Did a lot of military presses though.
  2. I have been told by my kinetoterapeut that my sacrum is too bent backwards and that could be a cause for the herniated disc. Another PT told me that the problem is that I dont have lordosis, as my lumber spine is too straight.

Any suggestions regarding exercises I stretches/ core stability?

And anything else you may consider of importance.

Much appreciated. Thank you.

Hold off on the flexion activities as they are more likely to cause problems (by protruding the disk more). I doubt it has anything to do with the sacrum being angled like that. What sort of activities do you do? I would guess things like sit ups, bending over or sitting have caused this long term.

Unfortunately, i am stuck in an office chair everyday ad its retty hard finding a position to stay relaxed :frowning: Weight training goes usually in the evening. Lately i have been put through Williams rehab program. As you probably know, it is flexion-based. Abs are usually worked by sit-ups (not all the way though, just mild flexion at the thoracic area and knees bent), hanging knee raises, leg raises for the lower abs etc. Have been staying away from bent-over rows, deads and squats of any kind.