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Herniated and Bulged discs

I had an MRI last wk on my lumbar spine and it was confirmed that I have a herniated disc at L-4 and a Bulged disc at L-5. Seen my regular doc and a Neurosurgeon, neither wanna do surgery. Mainly because I am only 21. I hurt my back in late May while doing a Power Snatch, just lifted and used my back more. Anyways… I’m wondering if anyone else has had this type of injury? It has been 7 months so far. I went to therapy for 7 wks and it didn’t do nothing. I was supposed to start Pilates Therapy but my dad’s insurance won’t cover it. Otherwise it’s $65 per session. Is surgery the only option left?

I think some of the guys with disc problems mentioned prolotherapy as an option. I have no experience with this however, but it involves a needle and no surgery.

Try out hydrotherapy - or deep water exercises, particularly now that your seven months post injury and have found that physio didn’t do much (this might be covered by the insurance co). You might want to also consult with an occupational therapist to identify what things you can do to minimise your daily living tasks’ impact on your spine. This basically frees up energy for other activites, and this can have a big impact on your state of mind and productivity levels - these therapists can also teach you joint conservation techniques as well as energy conservation techniques that have proven quite beneficial with similar clients here in Australia. I know that in Newcastle (in Australia) they have just completed a trial treatment procedure which has proven effective particularly for people with disc bulges that are impinging nerve roots and/or the thecal sac - I will find a link for this info and post it later a similar treatment may be available in other countries?

I was 24 when I herniated a disk doing barbell rows. I’m now 28. I know how you feel. It took about 2 years for me to even touch my toes and that was with chiro therapy. Find yourself a chiropractor that specializes in treating athletes. My doc wouldn’t do surgery because I was too young. Believe me, With the right Chiropractor, the pain will go away. Consequently, my squats and deadlifts still aren’t as good as they used to be.

Check out a procedure called nucleoplasty.
Surgery should be used only when all other options have failed. I herniated C6-C7 severly and I still have some trouble. I did it a year and a half ago.

Thanks to everyone who replied. It sucks, I was so disapointed. Mainly cause I was in the best shape of my life so far and when ithappen it felt as if all that work and time I spent meant nothing. But I believe because of this I will be stronger-mentally and emotionally when I’m able to train again. The Neuro Doc said the herniation and bulge aren’t that bad, he said I have a wide spinal canal so the compression of nerve roots isn’t as bad as someone else. Also my Neuro doc, reg doc and Physcial Therapist all said to stay away from Chiropractors. From what they told me they can’t heal a herniation with their techniques, may be able to make the bulge better, but usually for the worse. I called my family doc and he referred me to another Neuro Doc, because at this point surgery is the only option. I have tried Chiropractor for 4 wks and didn’t do much, same with PT-did that for 8 wks. Anyways, when I know what is goin on in more detail I’ll post again. Take Care.