Ok, this bites. I just started my first week of Meltdown training, and it is pretty freakin’ hard! After wobbling my way to my car and home, I proceeded to puke in my from yard. I felt a bit a twinge due to the heaving, and I think I have a hernia. Am I going to have to suspend my Meltdown training until this heals up? I’m planning on going to the doc’s, but I am scheduled to lift before I can get an appointment. Thanks

If you got a hernia there should be more than a twinge - it is basically your guts coming through the muscle. If you dont already, wear a weights belt. It would be wise to stop training if you start puking, but that is up to you.

Don’t jeapordise your future just because you will miss one workout. Go and see a doctor. Don’t just work through with a belt. Please, for your own sake dude, listen to your body!!!

If you would like some information regarding the use of weight belts, please do a search for “belter” within this forum, or the off topic forum.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I’ve go an appointment with my doc today, and I’ll go from there.