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Hernia Umbilical, Belt or No Belt?


First of all thank's for a great training program, it really has changed my training in a good direction.

Last year I had surgery for Umbilical Hernia, which forced me to take a half year off. I've Allways sucked squatting and am quilte sure that it has provoced the Hernia.
Since the surgery I've started squatting raw (with less weight), cause I used my stomach as a balloon when I used a belt.
When squatting raw I feel the abdominal pressure is less versus using a belt, I've searched the net trying to find out whats best, but never found a proper answer.

Belt or no belt??

Thank you in advance


I would contact your surgeon to look at the note and see what type of umbilical hernia repair you had, and see what his opinion on the matter is. I do have experience with this type of surgery, and I can tell you that some of the repairs done (depends on the type of repair) are very, very durable and strong. Again, I repeat, contact your surgeon.


I really recommend you talk to your doctor about this - this is WELL out of my pay grade. Wearing or not wearing a belt is not a big deal. Just do whatever you feel is best for you. There is no need to measure penis length by whether or not you use a belt.


I'll just say that I've had two related surgeries.

One was a umbilical hernia surgery and the more recent one was a full abdominoplasty ( I had vertical seperation down my abs from being so overweight). I've lost 100kg so they're both related to the weight.

In both cases I was back squatting fully in six months or less.

Talk to your Doc but I doubt it'll be a big deal.


First off not a doctor but I have had bilateral inguinal (spelling is probably fucked up) hernia repair.

The Spud inc deadlift belt works really well for multiple reps and doesn't bother my scar tissue too bad.

For big pulls I'll wear my normal Inzer belt and instead of feeding all the excess belt through the excess loop I'll leave a hump there in the front. That way there is less material presssing down on my scar tissue when I'm bent over



Thank's I'll try stop the measuring, my belly's also made it difficult the the past years :slightly_smiling:


Thank's for the advice, the Spud Inc looks like a great option.
Did you get a net sewed in ??


Thank's, they told me that my Hernia was small so inserting a net was not an option, If it happens again it probably will be possible to insert a net.
When squatting I must admit It worries me a bit.
Great to hear That you keep lifting, cheers me up :slightly_smiling:


Thank's man


probably pointless but just wanted to let you know that you spelled that correctly :stuck_out_tongue:


probably pointless but just wanted to let you know that you spelled that correctly :p[/quote]

Ha! thanks. Yeah I've got a nylon mesh net sewed in. The scar tissue really bothered the shit out of me for over a year (it would randomly feel like someone was holding a lit cigar to it).

The thing that finally worked for it. Kenalog injections right into the scar tissue