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Hernia surgery

I will have a mesh put in the lower section of my ab. It’s located a bit higher than my belly button. Has anyone ever gone through this before? If so, what are the best practices to follow. My doctor said it will only take a week for recovery, but others have said up to six weeks.

I had this done too, mine was lower down by the groin. Just take it easy afterwards and move about at your own pace. My doctor said he had one client who was hanging sheetrock three days after his cut, but I couldn’t move for at least a week after mine, take it easy. One tip, try to avoid coughing and even laughing as they make it hurt like hell, and if you feel a sneeze coming on, stick your tongue between your upper lip and gums as far as you can and it will kill the need to sneeze.

I had an inguinal hernia repaired about four years ago. I can’t think there’s any way in the world it would only take a week to recover, but I guess it depends on the severity. I was initially told 2-3, then when I went in for a follow-up it changed to no less than four. I ended up staying out six weeks just to be safe.

Those initial days after the surgery are NOT fun…Lord help you if you sneeze, cough or laugh! Good luck.

The sad thing is my best friend and roomate at the time would make me laugh on purpose…the sadistic bastard.

I’m stil awaiting my freak’in surgery. It’s already been one year and I"m still on the damn waiting list. Good 'ole Alberta Health Care.


Oh boy… Had bi-laderal hernia done. I got it done 2 months after it happened. As for the recovery time it was only 2 weeks by my choice , could have only missed a week but went with the 2 week plan. The surgery was called a sp.? kugel techniqe… My doc advised that it be done as soon as possible to avoid scare tissue. When you wait an wait the scare tissue builds up an recovery time an healing decreases big time. As for the coughin an laughin just put your hand over the area an you should be fine… Good luck an I wish you well… peace

When I was about 16 (11 years ago) I had an inguinal heria operation. This one was WITHOUT the mesh. After about three months I returned to regular exercise (not so serious, but still doing some lifting). Despite the time the stitching to my abdominal wall experienced a tear and my hernia came back. Shortly after I had the surgery done again with the mesh. I took a good YEAR off of real exercise after that due to the fear of tearing it again. Needless to say, 11 years later I’m training T-man style with no problems.

PS: Do not watch any comedy movies for a few weeks afterward.:slight_smile:

I had this operation, my scar runs from above my belly button to my rib cage. Don’t exercise for a month after the operation. After a month start getting back into it but very slowly, you don’t want to reopen it while its healing.