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Hernia surgery

OK Guys, I have had a request for me to describe my hernia surgery
(which I had exactly one week ago today). Unfortunately hernia’s are one
of the possibilities of bodybuilding related injuries. I actually didn’t get
mine from weight-lifting, but from lifting a piano in the eighth grade! Now
your probably wondering, “How old is this guy anyway?” Well, I’m 22!
That’s right, I gave myself a hernia when I was 13, and I’ve lifted hardcore
since I was 17. I just didn’t want anyone cutting “down there” when I was
in junior high and high school. Now I’m in college, and the hernia has
consistantly become worse through all the weight-lifting. So when I went
on X-mas vacation, I decided to go under the knife. My surgeon said it
was the biggest inguinal hernia he’s ever seen! (This assuredly came
from the weights) He scheduled me to go in at 2:00pm, and surgery at
4:00pm, which was much later than I wanted since it was supposed to
be outpatient, I was just sure I would have to stay the night. Anyway, I
went in, got to surgery on time, and I opted to have the general
anesthetic done as opposed to the epidural. I woke up one-and-a-half
hours later, and felt fine!

I got sick a little bit to my stomach, and almost passed out the first time
I tried to stand, but got to feeling better 30 min. or so later. They let me
go home about 8:30. Recovery has been easy. I have done High
Intensity Interval Training for the past four days. - I think the doctor will
give me clearance to lift up to 100lbs starting tomorrow, (which isn’t
anything for me, but it will help with the atrophy), My “pipes” work fine, if
you know what I mean, everything has been great! - FYI - the incision is
about 2.5-3 inches long, he repaired it with mesh, and it was
conventional method, not laperoscopic. The only side effects I’ve had is a
little swelling, some right-testicle pain (it feels like “blue balls” in just one
nut), and constipation due to the percaset they gave me. I’m sure you
guys will have more questions, but this is getting long, so I’ll answer
them and go in more detail in later posts. - AnimalMass