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Hernia sugery recovery

I just had sugery to repair an inguinal hernia. I want to get back into lifting, but I feel my abdominals are really week and want to strengthen them before attemtping squatting, deadlifting, etc. What would you guys recommend to retrain my abdominals into lifting shape ? I haven’t been able to train them for the past month and a half because of my hernia.

Hi Chris. I had the same surgery over the summer, it sucks doesn’t it? That pain the first 5 days post-op? Bad thing was my roommate at the time would intentionally make me laugh, and it hurt like hell. Anyway, make sure you are FULLY recovered before you start your lifting again. Ab-wise, check into Ian King’s stuff. There are two separate routines in the Get Buffed book, plus there is an article in the archives on ab training. Good luck and take it slow!

I had the same surgury too. It might sound like suicide but ask your doctor for any tips on how slow or fast to begin training again. My doctor wanted me back in the gym after he finished the last stitch (virtually). He said to resume training as if nothing had happened. Of course I had to wait two weeks but his theory was to strenghthen the area as fast as possible. So it might surprise you to hear what your doctor has to say. Best wishes.