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Hernia Repair Complications


I had a hernia repaired about one year ago and have been having some pretty serious abdominal pain recently. I have been seeing a physical therapist to work on scar tissue around the incision site.
Every so often, I will do something to micro-tear scar tissue in my abdomen and the resulting pain and swelling will incapacitate me for several days. Often times I will be unable to stand or even sit in a chair for extended periods of time.

I am not a powerlifter per-se, but I do train with an emphasis on strength and explosiveness. I am hoping that someone who has experienced this type of injury and pain can offer some well-received words of advice. My physical therapist is telling me to stop squatting and deadlifting but I think that he is just offering "safe" advice that would work for 99% of the population. Thanks in advance for any advice provided.