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Hernia Post-Surgery Pain

If anyone out there has experienced bouncing back from a hernia I would apprecite any advice you can provide.

I had a hernia repaired several years ago and a subsequent operation to clean out nerve damage and scar tissue in July of 2011. Every couple months I will experience intense pain in my lower abdomen. Sometimes it will be triggered by exercise but also from everday activity.

When the pain comes it will double me over and I will not be able to stand or stabilize my torso for several days. If I sit down for too long I will heal in a seated position which makes it even harder to stand back up.

I have seen several docs and two different physical therapists. They tell me that I am tearing scar tissue but have not offered a plan to get me back to being injury-free. Basically, the therapists I’ve worked with have a negative attitude towards powerlifting and use the opportunity to tell me that it’s a stupid pursuit. They see it as their job only to get me back to where I can sit at a desk.

If anyone has experienced something like this and recovered, please share your thoughts. I can’t tell you how frustrated I am at this point in time. I went into the gym for a DL workout on Sunday and didn’t even get through my warmup sets before re-injuring myself.