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hernia or strain

Has anyone had both a hernia and a strain in mid-lower abdominals? I have what I believe is a strain just to the right of my belly-button. I’ve never had either so I’m trying to figure out which one it would be. I’m also in between insurance carriers at this time which is why I haven’t just gone to the doc. I feel no bulge or tear. No inflamation even. Just a sharp mean ass pain when I try to flex in a concentric motion. It also aches a bit but otherwise it’s not too bad. It is also making that entire side cramp up a little. It was caused while I was over-zealously doing reverse hyper extensions after deadlifts (bad idea). Since it was received in an over extended state and not in a extreme contraction I assume it’s a strain. Anyone out there like DocT want to tell me how stupid I am then explain what it might be? A tear on the outer wall is a strain right? So a tear on the inner wall that allows something to push through it a hernia, correct?