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Hernia or Something Worse?


I'm not sure exactly what started it, but I began to notice a pain, a testicular pain, about a week ago. Over the next few days I managed to convince myself that testicular cancer could be the only cause of this dull aching sensation and therefore I proceeded to panic unreservedly.

Finally, yesterday, I took myself to the doc and underwent a brief, albeit embarrassing examination.

He determined that the cause of my pain was nothing as sinister as cancer, but more than likely a hernia. He mentioned something about pressure being applied to a nerve that runs into the groin or something like that but my relief at the news that it wasn't cancer meant that my ears stopped working momentarily.

Anyway, I'm going to stop training for a week or two to let things subside (hopefully) and try to resume on just moderate weight after that. I've downloaded and watched the video of mesh being inserted through a laparoscopic operation and whilst it doesn't look very inviting, it is the only cure I think.

I'm sure a number of T-Nationers have gone through a similar experience and I wonder if anyone can offer advice on whether I can continue to lift after the pain has subsided or am I better to stop altogether until I have an operation at some time in the future.

Thanks for any help or thoughts offered.


Id say Hernia for sure.. I had the same thing a few years ago. Dull ache in the testes kinda feels like you got kicked or flicked, almost makes you vomit. Went to the Dr. he sad Hernia, got it fixed. It will unfortunatley haunt you for the rest of your life. Good Luck!!


It sounds like a hernia. And if it is, this is not something that will heal on it's own or go away. You are going to have to get it surgically repaired, and you will also be unable to progress much in your weight training until it is fixed.

DO NOT get a Laproscopy done. That's not a very good way to fix a hernia even though it seems high-tech. At the other extreme, don't get it fixed the old-fashioned way (where it's just "stiched up".

The best way to have a hernia fixed is to have reinforced mesh used, and make sure you go to a SPECIALIST that only does hernia repair.

Believe me, you want to fix a hernia right THE FIRST TIME.

I'm including a link to where I went. I had one fixed there 6 years ago and have had no problems since. Even if you don't get it fixed at this place, you will learn plenty about hernia repair at this site. There is also a forum there where you can discuss or ask questions of others. Good luck to you.



Thanks for the input guys.
The laporoscopic procedure I watched was from a link on T-Nation and the doc inserted a mesh or gauze around the size of the palm of your hand into the fella's hernia. I'd imagine that's the mesh procedure you're advising me to take.
Thanks for the link. I'll stick to light weights until I get the operation done I guess.
Does the pain ease over time or stay with you until it's fixed?


The dull ache will go away. But you will feel the discomfort from time to time, especially when you lift heavy objects such as moving furniture. I usually dont feel it during workouts.


Thanks, I feel lazy now but I'm going to stay off training for another week or so at least. Perhaps if it heals properly I might be able to train better instead of getting back early and re-injuring myself.

Appreciate your comments.


I have something that's similar, but it doesn't seem to be exactly the same thing. I have the feeling between my legs, but it doesn't feel like it's a kick to the balls, it's just a really wierd feeling. I get it when I do max effort stuff only really. Like today when I was accelerating playing hockey and last week when we were doing resistance skating with bands I had a problem.

However, this isn't something that's common even in the weight room, should I get it looked at and who do I get to look at it?


Firstly, thanks to Kal-el in above replies, you were right. My pain subsided over a couple of weeks and I'm back lifting now, still get a little pain now and then but overall, not too bad.
Hockechamp14; I'm obviously not qualified to answer your question medically but without a doubt, any aching or dull type of pain in that area is well worth seeing your GP about. The stress of worrying about what it might be, can be worse than the actual problem itself.
I'd be interested to hear what it is though if you feel like posting the answer after you've seen a Doc.


I've read a little more, and I think it MAY be a groin strain, because it's up at my crotch, not in the front between my legs. I've read about athletic hernias, and that doesn't sound like it, because I can still do everything max effort, and do resisted sit ups painlessly. I think it may have something to do with the sharp shock of accelerating on the ice, but that's an unqualified hunch and nothing else.

I'm having a busy week, so I think I will try and get something sceduled early next week hopefully.


I had a problem like this, way long before attempting training and HRT. Doc tested for SIDs etc... did not suggest hernia.

I changed from briefs to boxer shorts and the pain went away. I was doing 16-17 hours driving none stop and the briefs were strangling me!

I have a son who can't wear briefs, they were hurting him. Boxers and no problem.

So consider simple and inexpensive alternatives to hernia surgery ;-}


I developped the same injury years ago and the pain is still there when I squat or deadlift.

My leg training consists pretty much of lunge and step up variations. Every once in a while when I feel good I attempt to deadlift or squat again only to get a reminder that I'll probably have this until I die. But thats ok, I'll probably forget about the pain in a few months and try again.


I had a double hernia operation a little over 4 years ago. I had the laproscopic procedure where they use mesh to go over the tear. I would take your activity by how you feel.

Up until I had the surgery, I stopped wrestling and other physical activity (felt like I was kicked in the nuts by a fucking horse). Took some time to get back into physical activity, but the doctor cleared me for pretty much anything a week post-operation.

Everything is fine now, but every once in a while I feel a little twinge, nothing at all serious. Hope this helps.