Hernia operation - recovery info required

I just had a hernia operation and the recovery is going well so far so good… The doc recommended light swimming and light cardio for any and all type of activity for up to six weeks after surgery. He also mentioned that hernia tears can occur up to 5 months after surgery.
Does anyone out there have any other good recovery tips?

Don’t do anything that can cause abdominal strain dude,

As tempting as it may be to get back at it you have to let the scar tissue solidify (if you will) or you’ll run the risk of getting another hernia.

6 weeks is a good time frame to kind of lay low, then EASE your way back into your program. Keep focusing on your long term health and the memories of going through the surgery the first time knowing that you don’t want to go through it again.

Take care,

I don’t know how far post-op you are but basic recovery info:

Bromelain: Protease enzyme that reduces inflamation/swelling. Take 2k gdu on an empty stomach every 4 hours.

Arnica Montana: Herbal sublingual pellets to aid in blood clot assimilation (reduces bruising). Dissolve 5 30x(strength) pellets sublingually, every 4 hours on empty stomach.

Having personally been through several surgeries and witnessed handfulls of others with their surgeries - the anecdotal evidence is astounding to the efficacy of this regimen.

Oh, and try not to laugh to hard… :wink: