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Hernia Op-Advice On Rehab

got an inguinal hernia operation next week,

general anaesthetic required as “you have so much muscle in that area, which is most unusual” according to the consultant.

any tips for recovery, supps, diet or rehab wise?

I had an umbilical hernia op 10 days ago under a general anaesthetic. I walked into the operating theatre at 9.50 & left for home at 11.30. Modern anaesthetics are brilliant so have no worries.

I went for 2 gentle 5 minute walks on the afternoon of the op & have deliberately kept myself moving all the time. Can’t see the point of lying on a settee, moaning & not moving! I increased my walks each day & have just taken a Pilates class & participated in most of the exercises :slight_smile:

Keep yourself moving as much as possible in all planes of movement. Drink loads of water & take Greens & fish oil capsules.
The fitter you were before the op, the quicker you will recover. All the best.