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Hernia Information


First of all, I'm going to be seen by a doctor, but I'm just curious to know what people here may think.

I was deadlifting on Wednesday, and wasn't using near my max. I did 2 sets of 3, 2 sets of 4, and 2 sets of 5 reps. Starting with the heaviest weight and going down from there on the longer sets. I used 405 lbs for the sets of 3. My previous PR is 505 lbs.

I didn't feel any kind of problem or pain during the lifting, and after the DLing I went onto incline presses and then pull ups. I called it quits after that..

The next morning, I felt alright and went to classes as usual. I had to work for 3 hours after class, and stood the whole time. By the end of the 3 hours, I felt a kind of upset stomach/burning feeling in the area right above the belly-button. I just thought it was because I hadn't eaten too much except for breakfast at 9:15 AM and then a protein shake and an Apple at 1:00. It was now 2 and i figured i just might be hungry.

I went home, ate something, then felt sick enough to go lay down.

I have had this pain before, and thought it might have been appendicitis, but then I eventually throw up and feel a lot better.

The same thing happened this time. I was reeling in pain for about 2 hours, thinking I was finally going to have to just get my ass to the hospital and deal with whatever the diagnosis is. But then I threw up and felt relieved and the pain vanished.

This has happened to me 2 times before, all in the past year, but also very spread out from each other.

Would I know if I had a hernia? I mean, if I take a deep breath in, I feel some soreness. However, my core gets sore whenever I deadlift or squat.

When I cough, I also feel sore. I don't have any "bulges" or something that crazy.

So basically I'm hoping that I had food poisoning and not a hernia. Maybe I'm just trying to deny that it is a hernia, but who would want a freaking hernia?

And my question is: if i do have a hernia, what is a good way to rehab from that and how can I go about safely deadlifting again after having had one?

My form is good. I have a few of the other battle hardened powerlifters watch me to make sure I'm not rounding over or doing something wrong. I pulled 505 without issue and felt no pain from that. I just can't remember a moment while lifting where I went, "OH SHIT, I JUST GOT A HERNIA."


Sounds like bad food or gas, probably gas.


Haha..I don't think it's gas...


You'd be surprised, gas can be very painful. I've had similar things happen from gas, although not very often.


Well....that'd be very weird if true. It has only happened about 3 times in my life, so it's possible I guess! hahaha

I just figured if it were a hernia then i'd know. And if it were appendicitis, I'd also probably realize it...or be dead by now.


I thought my stomach was really messed up at one point, I got worried. I had the pain, throwing up feeling, almost flu like stomach aches, but nothing really surfaced from it. I figured it was something I was eating or drinking.

At the time, I was drinking about 2 quarts of diet green tea a day (crystal light kind). I stopped drinking that and switched up protein shakes as well, just to be sure and that did the trick. I'm pretty sure it was the tea though.


at first ,I had no symptoms other than the dreaded bulge . no pain , sick stomach....nothing .

after I let it go for way too long , I did begin to feel a little pinching . then I got it fixed .


As far as I know, the umbilical hernia would be visible unless it's very mild and judging from the infrequent pain you've been feeling, if it is a hernia, it'd be a mild one.

I have one and the specialist wouldn't even consider operating on it. It's about the size of a pea and has only slightly altered the shape of my belly button, but it can be seen and felt. My specialist said he'd wait until it got worse before bothering to fix it because it could stay the way it is for years (or not).

Throwing up however, isn't something that I thought a hernia would cause, pain yes, uncomfortable feeling, yes but throwing up, not so much. It could be stangulated which would be very painful and if so immediate action should be taken!

Obviously your Doc will send you for further tests but I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's something like a gallstone.

Get to the doctor asap and deal with it, don't stuff around with it. Recovery from a hernia operation (which is quite a simple day surgery) is just a matter of time and patience.


Sounds like food poisoning!! Never heard of that much pain due to hernia. I had one a long time ago, it had a dull achey feel sometimes worse than others. Never threw up though.