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Hernia: How Long Is the Recovery?


how long is it going to take to get back to work
I have along way to go now and I came along way from being a real fat boy


mine was August 1st . started bare-bar squatting 4 weeks post (I think, may have been a bit earlier) .

last saturday I worked up to 275 for 5 , which is 20 pounds from my 5RM . Im about 3 weeks ahead of where I was hoping to be .


When I had surgery to repair my hernia the doctor said it would be 7-8 weeks and it took every bit of that. But in the end I was completely 100% after 8 full weeks.


Jeepers, I had mine over 10yrs ago now, but it took about 6 weeks before I got back in the gym and then I went lightly as it goes for about another 4-5 weeks, than I ramped the training up for another 2-3 weeks and the rest is history mate.
Good luck in your recovery, the only advice I give you is don't get impatient, steady as she goes for a while mate.
Hope it heals quick for you mate.


I think I have a hernia in my lower abdominal area.

Is there always a bump, or can I have a hernia without the bump?



no , there isnt always a bump . go get it checked...............it's awesome


I think things have changed a bit . my first was about 13- 15 years ago . that one sucked hard compared to this last one . major swelling , major black/bruising , major burning in the nut-sack , numbness for months if I remember right . I didnt lift at the time , and I didnt listen to Doc's advice about diet either .......which didnt make things any better . fuckin' constipated for a week . fiber is your friend......your ONLY friend .