Hernia Help

Got a Hernia in the summer by doing t - bar rows with too much weight and cheating an extra rep with what i will admit was not good form. Since then the pain has been minimal and i have been able to train chest, arms, shoulders, some back exercises and light deadlifting. I also to alot of cardio.

I have the operation next week and have been told i will recover soon and be good as new, Great news!!

Although I was talking to someone at my gym last week who had a hernia last year, a pretty bad one by the sounds of it, and he told me I will never be able to lift like I am now, and I will be in agony for months.

Do any of you have experience of a hernia or know what i should expect once it is fixed, I can’t imagine life without being able to train as hard i used to, and to be honest i’m depressed after hearing this.

I think maybe my hernia is not has bad as his as its rarely noticable unless im doing alot of running or havent slept in a while.

Any advice or input is much appreciated thanks!!

Bullshit on never being able to lift like you are now. I know someone who competed in the WPF world champs and hit 300kg+ squats and deadlifts and a 240+ bench at 90 with a triple hernia.

You’ll be fine.

With the techniques they use now, the recovery time won’t be months. It won’t take time for you to be back up to speed.

Good Luck with the operation! Please keep us informed on how your recovery progress is.

There’s been a few threads in the past about hernia surgery. I had a double hernia surgery a few years ago. Recovery shouldn’t be so bad, but everyone is different. I had laproscopic surgery, which is the newer procedure. I had some staples on my abdomen in three places, which were really fucking uncomfortable.

That along with the pain and soreness from the actual procedure should only last for about 10 days depending upon your particular case. Hasn’t had an impact on my lifting, after the initial recovery. Good luck, don’t come back too soon.