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Hernia: Any Relevant Anecdotes?

I seem to have developed an umbilical hernia, I’d like to hear anecdotes from those who have acquired hernias and some other unspecified issues that I’m not getting into because I don’t feel comfortable doing so on a public forum (the last year has not… been… easy) I’ve finally gotten back into lifting over the past six months as I had been sidelined due to issues I won’t delve into on here (switched to cardio during this time)

Lifting weights, particularly heavy loads for high volumes makes me happy. Doing unfortunately so puts me at risk of injury moreso than the average individual, though by being relatively careful I’ve managed to avoid anything seriously incapacitating for the better part of six months or so.

As of recent, an umbilical hernia appears to have popped up out of the blue. This is upsetting to me as weightlifting is currently my prime method of stress relief. I’m aware hernias don’t go away on their own, and most eventually require surgery. I have an appointment with my doc scheduled for the near future and will be going from there.

My question is, does anyone here have any relevant experience/anecdotes. The thought of being put out of action for six months is admittedly an unsettling and upsetting one. It would appear eventual surgery may be inevitable. If I think logically, I’d rather have the surgery prior to acquiring strangulation or a ruptured hernia (rare) as this would put me out for even longer.

it’s taken me the better part of 4-5 months to get my strength back to where it used to be, the thought of having to wait 6-12 months without any additional progress is… well upsetting.

Not sure I’ll be helpful but am in similar situation and have been for about 10 years. I showed my Doc and he said he could fix it but that there’s no guarantee it will keep; to go on with my life until it becomes an issue. So far, it’s a little bigger but no real problem except I’m tired of looking at it. I’d say see the doc and do what you’re told; get over being ‘disappointed’ or whatever and when ready, get back to the weights as the doc allows/prescribes. I’m pretty sure you can lift in 8-12 weeks after but you won’t be setting any deadlift records in any case so why worry? It doesn’t sound like you’re a lifetime lifter (same here) so just look at it that way. FWIW, I’m setting an appointment and moving forward and recently was as strong as I’ve ever been at 58yo so I totally get what you’re saying but health and longevity wins the day.