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Hernandez Trial Watch


Well it does not appear that anybody has beat me to the punch, but I think this deserves it's own thread as it's going to be interesting to watch everything unfold. He was denied bail for the 2nd time today. It looks like they are going to be able to tie him to other murders as well. I think he is guilty as fuck.

There's nothing like taking a selfy with the murder weapon :slight_smile:

So here's your thread for all things Hernandez related.


Off target, off trigger.


what a fucking maroon


He should of hired Zimmerman...



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Think he should have taken the Plaxico Burress route?


Money cannot by intelligence it seems.


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I'm just astounded at what an idiot this guy seems to be. From what I've read, he's basically done everything wrong if his goal was to get away with this.

And I still haven't heard a good motive - the only thing I've read is that the victim was talking to people Hernandez doesn't like. That doesn't seem like it warrants killing someone.


Newest rumor is Hernandez was involved in a double homicide last summer, and the current victim was either an accomplice or otherwise knew about the first murder, and was talking.

So while that would make the motive for the recent murder a bit more understandable, the question of why the fuck he was doing drive by shooting last year continues to beg the larger issue of just how stupid this jack ass is.

He wasn't the same player after getting the skit kicked out of him in the SF game last year. Maybe he knew he wasn't long for the NFL.




Don't let this thread die it wouldn't be acceptable until Cartel leader Hernandez shot at it first. Then smash all surveillance equipment cell phones and hire a cleaning company right afterwards. Beg for bail the day after with more evidence mounting against himself. Does not look suspicious at all.


Anybody know what gang Hernandez was in? Some Blood gang or something? MS-13?


Don't have cable but saw a close up pic of his hands while at the gym and noticed here has "blood" tatted on his hands in red ink. The recent pic and red shorts seem to substantiate that. Why a guy who makes MILLIONS to play a fucking child's game would continue to claim a set and bang in his spare time is mind boggling.


Also just noticed that in the baggy red shirt pic, his hands are tat free. What a fucking moron.


NFL will do anything for offseason ratings


Maybe he stayed tat free so that he wouldn't scare recruits away? Who knows, he's an idiot.

I will never understand why people like pacman jones, vick, or others, would do such stupid things to basically ruin their chances of getting millions of dollars, even when they came from northing.


His gang ties are what killed his draft stock, he was involved in some shit that the FL police let go under the rug I heard on the radio today...

Also, I think what Vick did was absolutely horrendous and generally see him as an awful person for it, it is light-years less shitty than what Hernandez is being charged with.

They shouldn't be compared... Ray Lewis on the other hand :wink: