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Herman Cain Running for President



Looks like we have our first person to throw their hat into the race.


I like him a lot. Bet he doesn't get 96% of the black vote like Mr. O did.


Jackie Chiles? LOL


What is it about you? You go from wasting your time talking about Paul running for President to this Cain fellow. He has less of a chance than even Paul. Well....yeah I'll stick with that.


He is very well spoken, confident, articulate, I hope to see more of him.


I don't endorse Herman Cain at all, I actually had a conversation with this man when he visted the Republican center here in my town and I disagree with him on many things. Just thought that the first guy to throw his hat into the ring is PWI materal.


What party is he affiliated with, what are some of his major political standing and most importantly what baggage does he have?




Republican, member of the tea party and was the guy who turned God Fathers Pizza. His baggage is he was on the Federal Reserve board.


I just checked this guy out, he's okay. His only problem is he doesn't have any political experience what so ever (except coming in 2nd for a senate seat).

He's articulate and intelligent, something the right desperately needs in a leader.


sounds great


It would be nice if our elected leaders weren't professional politicians.