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Herinia Not Sure What to Look for


T Members,

So I have a question. What should I look for to check for a hernia. This morning I noticed a small bump (hard consistency, pea size) right where my groin meets my leg. I have done some research and have checked for pain, being able to push the bump in (it won't), and tensing the abs to see of there is a change in the thing. My guess is that it is a lymph node. Any other things I should look for to rule out a hernia?



Yeah, bro, I think you may have inguinal hernia. If it hurts when you sneeze or cough, get it checked out. I am dealing with that issue also. It sucks.


Hernias of various types tend to change with Valsalva. Some you can retract by applying pressure, some you can't. They become worrysome if they become painful.

Could be a node, infection, cyst, hematoma.