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Here's Your Diet to Loose Fat!


I see allot of people asking about diets to loose weight SO I thought I would post a sample diet that I used to get from 180 pounds to 145 pounds. I'm not sure why it worked but it did and I think its because this diet attacks your metabolism because your eating so frequently it speeds your metabolism up. Anyways it worked for me so I thought I would post it for others... took 1 year and 6 months

Meal 1(as soon as you wake up or after your shower)
1 cup of milk
2 packages of oat meal
3 hardboiled eggs

Meal 2 (2 hours later)
1 greek yogurt or 3 normal yogurts
1 cup of either, black berry�¢??s, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
1 grape fruit

Meal 3 (snack)
1 greek yogurt or 3 normal yogurts

Meal 4 (lunch)
1 cup of white rice
1 cup of broccoli
1 8 oz chicken breast

Meal 5 (1 hour before workout)
2 scoops of quick mass (or any weight gainer protein)

Meal 6 (post workout in a blender)
1 to 2 cups of strawberrys
1 scoop of ON Whey protein

Meal 7 (1 hour after post workout)
1-8 oz steak
1 can of green beans

Meal 8 (before bed)
1 can of tuna
3 tea spoons of mustard

Critic or sticky ?


it took you 18 months to lose 35lbs?

Your diet is high in lactose and high in fructose(considering your goals to drop weight) and you have a weight gainer that is probably high in maltodextrin. This is not a good diet to lose weight on.

cut out the berries/fruit and replace with vegetables. Cut out the lactose and replace with meat, fatty/lean meat depending on caloric needs. no need for weight gainers when dropping weight, low carb protein with caffeine and aminos should be fine for pre-workout.

this is not sticky-worthy.


18 months?



Are you a girl?
Why would you diet down to 145? Just curious.


Dude! That's some funny shit!



Now you weigh less than most grown women in this country!!!!!

If it takes you a year and a half to LOOSE less than 20lbs, you did it wrong.


Yea, reason enough to not listen right there.


I saw the thread title and I was excited.

You really let us all down guy.


JaX Un:

Yeah I know what your saying. I'm just saying it worked for me

a 5'6 male at 180 pds of fat does not look pretty at all I wanted to go back down to my base and work up so thats what I did... Now I'm 5'6 at 160 pds of muscle with a 4 pack.

I think it worked great for what I wanted to do.

Professor X:
... a chick at 145 pounds wow most girls I date are like 110 120...


I know it sounds bizarre but it worked for me for someone who had allot of fat mass.

And I think by the way I did it, it will work for me in the long run... bulking and cutting bulking and cutting all the time isn't good in my opinion. In my plan I wanted the best for the long run.


You are calling 145 pound women cows? How old are you? You really have a lot of growing up to do.


Dude, did you just call my wife a cow? She's 5' 9" with C cups and visible abs.......I have no problem going to The Great White North and commencing the beat down.


What the fuck is loose fat?


Well, you have to figure that at his height he probably dates pygmies.


feel free to give advice when you're 160 w/ a 6-pack.


Is your life bro now that you are a skinny bitch?


I've got to wonder how much LBM you started with, and how much you lost. Maybe, you even put some on while following such a diet for over a year. Lotta variables, and with no real info, we can't really just except to comment on the duration and final weight.

By comparison though, THOUGHTS1053 dieted for a contest last Spring and lost 50 lbs in 4 months. He ended up at 180 lbs with a ridiculous amount of muscle just hanging off of him. No one stickied his thread because it's a pretty common thing when you diet correctly :slight_smile:



I'm carb back-loading and I fully plan to take a 35lb dump this morning.


To not just joke around and actually make productive suggestions:

a)Way too much dairy for a diet here. Greek yogurt and maybe some low-non fat cheese are really the only dairy items that are remotely reasonable to use when cutting

b)Fruit should be limited to the morning, and shouldn't be the main carb source if you actually want to do a good job of replenishing muscle glycogen

c)Stay the F away from weight gainers, especially when dieting. Make your own at home with protein, nut butter, oats, etc. Way better than the sugary garbage you'll get in those stupid bro science supps.


Stu I'm going to look for this thread you are speaking of, you don't happen to know the link or anything do you?


x2 Saw the condition THOUGHTS was in through the Indigo project, but I'd love to check out the specifics of his diet