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Here's Where I Always Get Stuck


It seems like over the years, through peaks and valleys, the biggest I get is anywhere from 186lbs to 192lbs, the lighter with around a 6.7% body fat and the heavier with an unknown body fat, but a noticeably less-leaner look.


sorry but no legs know one will like that and yes u do have more te 6.7% body fat im 12 % and a bout the same size as u and i weigh 165lbs.

what are ur stats as in lifts


Today and last week my max bench was at 315 lbs.I do slack on the legs quite a bit. I'm always hesitant about packing to much on the legs because I would like to do a marathon before this fall. I do a local 5k run here every Tues, then try to get in at least 2 miles a few more times a week. Sometimes more some times less. And no, your incorrect about the bodyfat.

At the time of the most recent picture (which doesn't look much different from the one here), I was mesured 6.7% by one trainer, and 6.9% by another at a different location two days apart.


yeah well i just cant see how it is so low maybe it is bcasue u have no legs just letting u know u are going to get killed about not training legs do u squat and deadlift.


Squats. Do them now.

You're probably plateauing due to lack of leg training.


LoL. I would agree. How tall are you? I know your a runner but you seem to be offly small for someone benching 315, not saying you cant but I would have to see it to beleave it. Mostly b/c you chest and tris seem small


i mean, i could believe you on the 315 bench, but lookin at your pro i would be embarrassed to sport some pretty decent guns like that then ahve those noodles under me. My brother is in the swat team, has a quad sweep like no other man i met in person, and runs 6 miles on an off day.


Hahahaha. Yah dude, like ac said, start working out your legs. my dad does triathalons and he has thick legs. Where are you getting the idea that only skinny legs are needed to run? Sure, they are normal for runners but so are small upper bodys...I guess you got both covered. Get your priorities straight. Do you want to gain overall mass? Do you want to run? What is your diet/stats like? Maybe you are plateuing because of your diet.


No offense, but youre the perfect example of the typical guy I always refer to, e.g., you just train upper body and your legs are just two sticks. Why? Why haven't you trained your legs? That's the exact reason you say you're stuck b/c you haven't pushed yourself to do anything else besides your upper body. So follow the advice of others and do some squats, leg press, leg extensions, hamstring curls...just build some mass in your legs.


Well, thaks for the push. I've always known I don't train legs hard enough. I think all the critism I've recieved here is definaely going to giv e me that motivation focuse on that lower body that I've been neglecting. Thanks, that's what I'm here for.


i thought about being a douche and writing some sarcastic comment, but i realized i was in your position a few years ago.

agreed that you're probably plateauing from the lack of leg training. as someone who was in your position a few years ago, i'd highly recommend squats and deads. i started off benching in the beginning of high school, and grew afraid of switching to other major compound movements.

that was my mistake, i thought i needed to "switch." i'm still suffering from the consequences of having that mentality. make sure you squat, deadlift, and bench each week on separate days in that order.

do that, eat, and rest. after doing that for over a month i bet you'll notice that you are no longer plateauing. that's not to say do it for a month then stop, i'm just saying that you'll probably notice major differences after a month of that.


physique aside, it sounds like either you're not lifting heavy enough or not consuming enough calories to support your lifting

and i agree with venus here too, and good attitude accepting the critiques


So, I've done some reading on body building and nutrition, and read up on legs this morning. Spent two hours on legs, squats from 125 16x up to 225lbs 12x for a total of 5 sets. Could of gone heavier, but the heavier I went the more problems I had keeping form. I believe this won't be a problem in a few weeks.

I'm also in the process of developing a meal plan to increase calories, how often I eat, and to get more protien from whole foods instead of mainly shakes. Thanks for all the advice, even those who sounded like a douche.


I'm glad you accept the critiques you've received with dignity and are doing something about correcting what you need to to get over your plateau. As far as I know you should be eating every 2-3 hrs and including some lean protein and carbs with every meal. There's a lot of good info on this site on nutrition and on bodybuilding.com

Good luck with your training.


I'd say at his level he could squat every training session and not suffer for it. I found that that was the best way for me to gain not only leg size but also achieve my first 150kg front squat. And It's only gone up from there along with my quad sweep and leg speed. So I'd go for the old squat every day Bulgarian style training.





Bullshit...what were u doing qtr reps?


yeah, he probably could. personally, i don't like to double up on squats and deads but that's just me; and deads help me put on more overall mass than any other movement. it definitely wouldn't hurt the OP to try out all sorts of squat routines / squat variations, IMO.


This definitely needs to be addressed. Given the size of your legs and the fact that you're untrained in the squat, it just doesn't add up. Get someone to watch your form, or get us a video.


Call bullshit all you want, my form is fine. I'm not here to lie and make friends. If that was the case I wouldn't asked for help in the first place. If you want to post something trying to call me out, your wasting your time. Like I've always heard, trying to argue with someone online is like competing in the Special Olympics, even if you win, your still retarded. So if you don't have anything constructive to say, your words are falling on deaf ears.