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My school doesn't have a wrestling team they've got a BJJ team. Weird I know but my school's weird like that. Anyway their season starts late late winter-early spring and I want to join it and kick ass. My conditioning at the moment is shit though. I know the best conditioning for any combat sport is to do the sport but I can't do that until late winter-early spring when the practices start up. What can I do until then so I don't come in with my conditioning being shit?

Thanks for any help. Very much appreciated


lift weights, sprint, bodyweight exercises, the options are endless, just pick one and have fun.


It'll still suck, if you're new to grappling you're going to get tired. However I was listening to Eddie Bravo say that breakdancers are naturally great at grappling. So honestly maybe some gymnastics, bodyweight stuff would be good.


I just lol'ed at the thought of people break dancing to prepare for bjj




Yea, do what you can, but you're still gonna get the shit beat out of you and be so tired you're going to want to puke.

Grappling is one of the most exhausting activities out there and you'll really only gain endurance in it by doing it, unfortunately. But hey, run sprints, run a couple miles, do circuits... anything that gives you that "Oh fuck I'm gonna puke and pass out, which one's going to happen first?" feeling.

And then get used to it.




Seems odd, but apparently all of these breakdancers are even freakier than wrestlers according to Eddie Bravo.


I bet MC Hammer had a wicked gogoplata


not quite breaking


doesn't matter, everybody love MC Hammer


i remember the first (and only) time some one i was grappling with vomited. once you said to get over the feeling of needing to vomit in standing sparring to bring a garbage can and go as needed, it doesnt go quite that smoothly from guard.

any way irish is by no means exaggerating. vomit will happen.


lol, you are going to scare the kid.

He will think you must vomit every training session


hahah well you don't have to.

But... it might happen.


Get your diet in line too.

Diet makes a HUGE difference in terms of both performance and recovery (regular and injury, and there will be injuries).