Here's what I've got, how should i use it?

2 bottles MD6, 1 bottle T2 pro, 1 bottle mag10, 1 bottle methoxy. i want to lose some fat for the summer, preferably in the shortest amount of time posssible. i don’t know if it would be a waste to take methoxy and mag10 at the same time though and i also don’t know if i should use a half dose of mag10 or full dose. what about one dose of mag10 and one dose of methoxy at the same time for 4 weeks? i guess i should probably take the md6 the whole time. how have you guys been doing it? i think i’m gonna give steroid dieting a try while on the mag10. my training will probably be a 5x5 routine. any comments or suggestions?

How much time do you have? How much fat do you need to lose? I would start off with the MD6 and Methoxy-7 for 2 weeks. Then switch to MAG-10 at 1/2 dose a day for 4 weeks with MD6. Save the T2-Pro and use it during the last 2 weeks of your cutting cycle and the 2 weeks post cutting where you are returning back to maintenance. This will support your thyroid function as it is suppressed by thermogenic use. As for calories and workout recs, I like the 5x5 approach for lifting. Add in some interval training, high rep kettlebell type work (can be done with d-bells also), unweighted GPP circuits and anything else to get the muscles working at a high level. For calories, start with JB’s Don’t Diet approach and add or decrease cals based on body comp changes.

Thanks for the reply jason. i don’t really have a set amount of time or anything, i just want to be able to start going to the pool and beach and be able to impress the ladies as soon as possible. usually i start dieting in the spring so i have the whole summer to be ripped, but i’m getting a late start this year because i decided to try to put on some more mass first. My bf% right now is about 12% @ 185, but i want to get to like 6% or possible lower. that means i need to lose probably about 10 pounds of fat. I would like to lose as much fat as possible at the begining and then try to lose the rest at a slower pace. my most recent training has been growth surge phase 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, for the past 10 weeks. i have followed all the guidelines and all the supp recomendations so far and am just finishing my last phase 3 so i have been using methoxy, tribex, and m, the last 2 weeks so thats another reason i was wanting to jump into a more agressive diet now. would this work for a quicker pace regimen than you had first posted: full dose mag10, md6 for 2 weeks with steroid dieting. 2 weeks methoxy md6 and t2 with JB’s don’t diet. 2 more weeks t2 with a maintanence diet. that will cut the time down from 10 weeks to 6 weeks. does this look allright to you? also if i go with that plan how would you adjust the cardio for each part? i will do a 4 day split for 5x5, but i wasn’t sure about the cardio. you mentioned interval training and GPP, but is that in addition to cardio or in place of the cardio. should i do the cardio on off days or on the days i work out. once again thanks for all your help. - Nic

I found that steroid dieting sucks. Mag 10 is not equal to real steroids, when it comes to the typical all protein diet most pro BB’s embark on. The body just converts the protein into carbs and inhibits fatloss. Even with cardio I did not lose fat at the rate expected.
I switched to the fat fast, But having two salads a day, and two meals from solid sources, salmon and beef with one & 1\2 caps a day of mag 10, 4-6md6+lots of coffee,3 old T2 and dumped fat faster than ever. First time to 6%BF.from 14%BF.(I also had 2 days of week of calories only from protein). Good luck!

Jason, you brought up the 5 x 5 routine and I wanted to ask you a question. If you can do 5 sets of 5 that makes 25 reps. For a couple of my exercises I’m doing 25 reps now, although I’m doing like 7 reps on the first set and only 3 on the last set. Should I increase the weight for those particular exercises or wait until I can do 5 reps on my last set?

If you are doing 7 reps on the first set, the weight is probably too light. The premise behind the program is to take your 5RM max a eventually be able to do it for five sets without allowing the reps to fall. You might not actually have to go to complete failure on the first 2-3 sets (obviously, because otherwise you wouldn’t be completing reps). Anyway, a typical workout might be 5,5,4,3,3. The idea is to build up to a point where you can use this same weight for 5x5. I believe that Poliquin states that if you don’t get at least 13 reps of the 25 intended, you have chosen a weight that is too heavy.

Well, I don’t think you need to do steroid dieting. You can take your cals lower while on MAG-10, but I don’t think you need to lose fat at that kind of rate. As for my initial response, you will see that I outlined a plan lasting 6 weeks. 10lbs in 6 weeks is very reasonable as long as you pay attention to body comp changes and adjust volume or calories appropriately.

Here is how I might set it up:

Weeks 1-2: MD6 at max dose, Methoxy-7 at label dose

Weeks 3-4: MD6 at max dose, MAG-10 at 1/2 dose

Weeks 5-6: MD6 at 4 caps a day for week 5, 2-3 caps a day for week 6, T2-Pro at 3 caps a day, MAG-10 at 1/2 dose (end of week 6 = end of cutting phase)

Weeks 7-8: return to maintenance, T2-Pro at 3 caps a day until bottle runs out

I like the 4 day split for lifting. I would add a kettlebell circuit (swings, snatches, clean and jerk - see Mike Mahler's articles at Intensity) and unweighted GPP movements for 8-10 minutes (as described in Coach D's Fat to Fire article or his Renegade training article).

On the upper body days, I would add in some 1:3 high to low intensity interval training as described in Berardi's Winning Formula article.

Starting each workout or each morning (M-F) with Renegade Rope Skipping would also be a great addition. Start with 3 rounds of 3 minutes and add more or subtract depending on needs.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Eric Cressey answered your question well. Stop at 5 reps on each set. If you hit 24-25 reps, then add weight. If you are less than 15 then drop the weight.

I understand what your saying. But the weight that I’ve started with I could only do for five reps on the first set. I have just built up to this point over 3 workouts for each muscle group. So like the weight I used for scott curls at first I could only do five reps on the first set. Now after 3 arm workouts I can do 7 reps on the first set.

You’re focusing too much on the first set. Yes, it’s important, but one of the premises behind the 5x5 protocol is to force the body to be able to handle this amount over five sets instead of one (by law of repeated efforts, the body begins to recognize the load as “routine”). So, to make things easy, pick a weight that will make only allow you to do five reps; forget about whatever weight you were using for 7. Do the five, then do as close to five as possible for the succeeding sets. When you get to 5x5, up the weight. Don’t worry about training to absolute failure on every set; in fact, you really won’t be training to failure INTENTIONALLY at all.

Thanks for the reply again jason. I think i will go with what you said for the supp recomendations except for one thing. i think i am going to do a 2 week cycle of mag10 at full dosage rather than half a dose for 4 weeks. i was searching the forums and saw that bill had mentioned that when dieting it would be better to take at least 3/4 a dose to make the benefit of taking it worth while. also cy recommended full dose for dieting as well in a different post. though it probably isn’t necessary to do steroid dieting, i will probably do something similar where i cut out carbs and decrease protein to 1g/lb lbm and take in the rest of my calories from fat. i figure if i am going to be taking the mag10 at full dosage i might as well take advantage of it’s ability to maintain lbm at very low calorie levels. as far as the training goes i’ve got cleans, push presses, squats, deads, bench, pullups, and barbell rows as my main exercises so that should work out pretty good. i am going to train on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. i will do the davies GPP routine from fat to fire on wednesday, and saturday. i’m also going to do the berardi winning formula cardio like you suggested after my workouts 4 days a week. i’m not sure how long i should do them for though? should i do 30 mins each time or less? i made a post yesterday before your last reply asking a few things i was unsure of about the “steroid diet” type diet, but didn’t get any replies yet. i’m going to bump it to the top. some of the questions i asked in there about the cardio you allready answered in this post so i apologive about the repetitiveness. once again, thanks for all your help.

I agree with your logic. If you want to diet more severely (I don’t really think you need to but that is beside the point) you should use MAG-10 at full dose. As for the Interval training, start at 20 min and add or decrease as necessary. When you change to really low carb diet like steroid dieting for two weeks, I would drop the interval training for 30 minutes of moderate cardio as you won’t be able to tolerate high intensity loading without significant carb intake.