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Here's What I Used To Do

I changed my mind about the full body split. Here is a 3 day split:

Incline Bench Presses
Close Grip Bench Presses
Reverse Shoulder Flyes

Zercher Deadlifts
Bent Over Rows
Hammer Curls

Front Squats
Weighted Squat Hops
Overhead Presses

But I want more frenquency. HOw could I do change this into a higher frenquency routine?

If I was going to do that I’d switch monday for wednesday.

I used to do that, I am asking how to turn this into a higher frenquency routine.

Simple take one exercise from each of those days and make four work outs based on those three movements one push one pull one legs. Then fill in more if needed/able.

I agree I would have swapped MON and WED in the OG plan as well.