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Here's What I Got

Gear just came in and wanted y’al to check it out to see if I was missing anything. Appreciate the help.

10 ML / Tren 200 (Tren E)
10 ML / Test 450 (Blend Test C / P / E)
60 ML / Anavar Oral Suspension

30 ML / Liguid Letro
50 ML / Liquid Tamox
30 ML / LiquidDex

You guys have any experience with these and if so, how would you set it up? thanks guys.

Sorry guys. Little more info here. I was originally planning on the following cycle:

Wk 1-12 / Test E 250 mg E3D
Wk 1-12 / LiguidDex .25 mg EOD

I’m just not sure if the dosing will be the same now that I’m using the Test 450 blend as opposed to the straight Test E and now I’m going to work in the Anavar Oral Suspension into it as well. This is my first cycle in a couple of years so wondering what you guys think. Thanks again.

This is what I came up with.

Wk 1-10 / Test 450 .5cc/ML E3D (225mg E3D)
Wk 6-10 / Liquid Anavar 2ML/40mg ED
Wk 1-9 / LiquiDex .25mg EOD
Wk 10 / LiquiDex .125mg EOD

Wk 12-16 / Liquid Tamox (Nolva) 40/40/20/20

How’s that look? I know the Var should be pushed at between 50-100mg but all I got is 1200mg total so at 40mg ED I’m good for 4 weeks. Input would be great. Thanks in advance.

What is the blend in the test 450? Where is the Tren in your cycle?

Test C - 200mg
Test E - 200mg
Test P - 50mg

Wasn’t planning on usin the Tren with this cycle. First one and all. Don get me wrong, lol, it’s tempting though.

You said you had the Tren and I just didn’t know where it was fitting into your cycle. Good choice waiting.

The blend seems strange to me. It seems pointless to have such a low amount of prop. It’s a short ester but there isn’t enough of it to be useful. The C and E are so close that they are regularly interchanged. Why put them both in? Why did you get this instead of the 250?

I think what you intend to do with it is ok. I just think the 250 would have been a better choice.

2 other notes.

You have Tren E. Not a good idea for your first time around with Tren. I know you aren’t planning to use it now but for the future. Still a bad idea. Some people can’t handle Tren sides. If you are one of them the long ester will take many days to clear leaving you with the side effects that you can’t handle for the whole time. Get Tren Acetate for your first time. If you don’t like it, stop. Sides are gone almost right away.

If you do pin E3D as stated instead of twice a week. (Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday) You’ll be pinning 525mg/wk. I would suggest doing that instead of twice a week which only works out to 450mg/wk.

I appreciate the help man. Thanks. I may have to get some more of the test to do 525 a week. I have 450 ML right now which works out to 1 ML or 450 mg a week. I also need to get some more Var as well so I can up that from the 40 ML to around 60 ML or so. Ill look into the Tren Ace for my first go round with Tren. Thanks again for the input.

What is the reason for all the liquids? How many vials of the test 450 do you have?

I didn’t ask for the liquids specifically or te test 450. I asked for Leteo, Adex, and the Nolva. The liquids is what my source got. And the Tsat 450 is just what he had on hand. I only have (1) 10 ML vial of the test 450, (1) 10 ML vial of the Tren 200 E, and a 60 ML bottle of the Anavar Oral Suspension.

I’ve also been told recently tht a Nolva only PCT is a no no, and that Nolva should not be used with Tren. Is that true? Told be that Nolva is a junk drug and to ditch it an go with Clomid. Is that true or is it a personal preference thing?

Well, one vial of the 450 will get you an 8.5 week cycle at E3D dosing. Should be long enough for a first cycle. You could get another and go 12 weeks. You’d have 1/2 vile left afterwards.

Using Nolva for PCT is fine. You wouldn’t use it on cycle with Tren. It can couse Progestin/Prolactin issues. For PCT you are fine just make sure the Tren has cleared. Most people will use Tren acetate with Test Prop and wait four days to start PCT. The Prop will be nearly completely cleared and the acetate should be completely gone. Nolva only PCT is just fine. 40/40/20/20

Okay cool. I appreciate the help bro. You’ve been a big help. Ill plan on going 8.5 weeks on the test and if I can get another vile ill push it to 12 weeks.

Test 450 500 mg @ 8.5 weeks E3D ?

Thats what I would do given what you have currently.

Wk 1-8.5 / Test 450 .5cc/ML E3D (225mg E3D)
Wk 4.5-8.5 / Liquid Anavar 2ML/40mg ED
Wk 1-8.5 / LiquiDex .5mg EOD

Start Nolva 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after last pin

Right on. You think the Var @ 40mg ED fr 4 weeks is a waste?

I think for simplicity sake ill run

Wk 1-9 Test 450 / 250 mg E3D (500 mg a week)
Wk 5-9 Anavar / 40mg ED
Wk 1-9 LiquiDex / .50mg EOD

Wk 11-15 Nolva / 40/40/20/20

Does that look better?

I was also told that I should wait til week 7 and run the Var all the way up to my PCT. does that sound right to you?

That would work as well. Run the Var 8-11 and start PCT week 12 because the test will be still be active until you start PCT.

Anavar at 40mg is low. I’d probably want to double that dose, but I’m working with what you have. You’d be better off getting more or saving it for a future cycle when you can double that dosage.

Okay thanks. I’m gonna work it that way and try and get some more Test and Var so I can run the Var at 80mg and the Test for 10-12 weeks.

Good luck on the cycle. Remember the half life of the anavar is about 8 hours so you should dose twice daily.