Here's What I Did Wrong and I Need Help

I am embarrassed to even bring this up but I need help. I’m 23, On December 13th, I took a shot of 250mg of testosterone C. Right before I did that I got blood work done and my free test was at 948, while my free was at 99. In the beginning it was a dream, I had no problem getting erections, morning and night wood. Now it is impossible. It’s been about 8 weeks and my erections are non existent and my sex drive is terrible. Anybody have any suggestions on what I might do from here? What blood work should I get done? Thanks for your time and consideration.

It’s hard to believe you shut yourself down over a single shot but I guess it’s possible. I would go get the samne bloodwork you did to determine your T levels prior to starting your ‘cycle’. At a minimum you’ll want
Total and Free T
LH and FSH

Thank you for your response Yubs! I was going to go get blood work done within this week. I was reading if you already have high test levels then it would respond faster to you. I feel like an idiot but I have to live with the choice. I will let you know what my results are.

Why did you take the injection? was it part of a planned cycle. Or are you trying to do TRT.

Your e2 is probably out of whack, hormones take a while to come back to normal.

I was planning on going on test but then getting my bloodwork I realized it would be stupid to get on test so I stopped after one shot.

I’m getting my bloodwork done soon. I’ll post it to see what’s happening. I have read that it takes almost up to a year until levels go back to normal.