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Heres to Peace


The year comes and goes, time speeds up and sometimes slows.
Wishing us all peace straight from the heart, here's to '11 another brand new start.



Happy new Year all :slightly_smiling:


Happy New Year to all!


Happy New Year everybody.


insert random useless pessimistic post about a new year being an arbitrary change of year that actually means nothing blah blah blah


So i figured this forum has so many threads discussing the problems, and so much dick swinging and name calling, maybe we could make this thread about the solutions instead of the problems, so i will be updating it on a semi regular basis with people/organizations that are working to help Humanity reach a more peaceful state.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, feel free to share any news you think deserves mention.

Starting "small" : a 2 minute 50 second video about Narayanan Krishnan a "big" man who gave up a career as a 5 star chef to feed the homeless three meals a day in Madurai, India.


SBR the content is blocked in America . I like the thought of your idea :slightly_smiling:


I think this one should work worldwide for now.


Thank you Sir.
tips hat


happy new year everyone :smiley:


Happy New Year!

Nice idea for ongoing updates of humanitarian acts. One of my favorite recent stories was of the retired Canadian couple who won $11 million in the lottery, and have already given most of it away. The lady's name is Violet Large; she's 78 and is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. They donated their winnings to a variety of worthy causes, including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, fire department, churches, cemeteries, and hospitals.


I too like your idea and the video was terribly impressive. Imagine if others were like this?? I can only control myself and try I shall = ]


He is a true hero


World Humanitarian Day 2010.


Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams brings tough love to the dream of world peace, with her razor-sharp take on what "peace" really means, and a set of profound stories that zero in on the creative struggle -- and sacrifice -- of those who work for it.


Peace Brother:)