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Here's the Workout I'm Aiming For


Ok so right now for a few months, I've hardly worked out because I don't have a lot of equipment (2 10lb, 2 20lb dumbells, (I can hold the 20+10 in 1 hand easily to make 30lb), no bench but I can use a chair as a incline bench, no pullup bar.) and I try to keep my diet in control too.

Im a male, 14 yrs old, 5'7, 172lb (last i checked) with a bf of around 11%. (I dont look 11%). I am able to workout 7 days a week if I need to. I recover easily genetically and because of my age, so I can workout up to 6 or even 7 days straight. I dont have a plan that i used before, but this is what im aiming for:

Monday - Back + Biceps
- Bent over rows
10lb x 10
20lb x 10
30lb x 6
20lb x 10
10lb x 10

  • Pullups on railing (I cant do a single pullup)
    Negatives x 15 (sets of 5)

  • Biceps Curls
    10lb x 10
    20lb x 6
    10lb x 10

Tuesday - Chest + Triceps + Shoulders
- Inclined Bench
10lb x 10
20lb x 10
30lb x 6
20lb x 10
10lb x 10

  • Pushups
    3 sets of 20

  • Flys
    10lb x 10
    20lb x 6
    10lb x 10

  • Military Press
    10lb x 15
    20lb x 10
    10lb x 15

Wednesday - Lower Back + Legs
- Squats
20lb x 10
40lb x 10
60lb x 10
40lb x 10
20lb x 10

  • Good Morning
    20lb x 10
    40 lb x 5
    20lb x 10

Thursday - Rest
Friday = same as monday
Saturday = same as tuesday
Sunday = same as wednesday

I'll throw in a grip excersize and ab exciersize whenever I feel nessessary. I'll drink a protein shake with creatine, fish ol (the liquid kind, gives a lot of omega 3s) with the GNC brand of 7 servings of fruit thing. I can workout only 1hr everyday, and I get avg rest on school days (4-7hrs) but on weekends + summer i get 10-12hrs.

My diet is medicore, and I can try my best to improve it. Next month im fasting, so i'll be having a harder than usual time to try to maintain/gain while fasting. Drop by any critisism, addition, opinion, subtraction, etc. Thanks.

EDIT: THAT IS 10LB PER DUMBELL AND THAT IS A WARMUP SET. The middle set (the ACTUAL set) is 30lb dumbells, which equals 60lb.


This has to be a joke...


why? If you think the weight is too low then thats just the weight of each dumbell.. Except for I think the leg day.


how do you already have 628 posts?....


Because I joined last november and posted often. Just not as often as Mak.


Needs more weight. 10lbs for an incline bench?



Ok so... what exactly have you been doing sicne november of last year that you can still only bench 10lb dumbbells?


Like I said, thats 10lb dumbells per hand. And thats JUST a warmup. The middle set (30lb) is actually 30lb per hand, equalling 60lb total. Its the max I can go due to my shortage of equipment.


Try going to a thrift store/salvation army. They usually have quite a few dumbbells and plates for very cheap.


I can bench more.. 135lb for reps back when I had a gym membership, didnt do a 1rm or even under 6reps ever. I didn't have time to go to the gym due to exams and other reasons so I cancelled my membership but had 10 and 20lb dumbells from grd 7 and 8.


i think you realize that these dumbbells aren't heavy enough so there is no point me telling you that. Good luck with it...


Nuts. I was going to flame you.

Try to find some cheap weights. Salvation Army or a thrift store is fairly cheap as has been mentioned. Also, try out eBay or somewhere online.


Don't waste your time with those dumbbells except for a few isolation exercises such as curls.

It is bodyweight training time for you. There are tons of good resources on this.

Do you plan on having gym access in the near future? Can you buy weights? If so get a 300 pound olympic set for ~ $ 110 bucks. Don't get a plastic concrete filled set.

Talk to your parents. How are they with your training? Will they let you have a weight set?


You'd be better off doing some advanced bodyweight exercises than using weights that are too light for you.

Get some sandbags and fill them, go get a 5 gallon water jug and fill it up with sand or water. You're going to have to challenge yourself to progress. There are plenty of ways to workout with little to no equipment.


Bullshit, dude. If grown-ass men with jobs, families, and other social obligations have time to go to the gym, then you can bet your ass that a 14 year old has time. I'm only busting your balls because this is the same tired, bullshit excuse people have been programmed to give. If you want to be big or even just get the most out of this sport, then you have to MAKE the time. I have a job, two kids, and am a full-time graduate students and I still hit the gym 4-5 days every week.

Edit: You're completely wasting your time with those weights. Either invest in some more weights, a gym membership, or do as mentioned above and stick with bodyweight stuff. Pressing 30 lbs isn't going to get you anywhere.


My parents are supportive of my working out, but my dad isnt in the country right now, hes on a buisness trip, so I have to wait a few weeks. I appriciate the suggestions, and i realize that the weights are way too light for me. I'll talk to my mom too and hopefully she'll get me a few more dumbells. Thx again guys.



I know, but i had some family issues too and with the program im in i go to school till 3pm, get home at 4, have a shitload of homework (1-2hrs worth) + it takes me around 3hrs total to go and come back from a gym. My parents are too busy sometimes to get me there. For exams I had to pull allnighters.


I recommend an inexpensive 300 pound olympic set before dumbbells. You will not outgrow it like you will with dumbbells.


i agree with the suggestion of using bodywieght exercises. dips, all variations of pullups, pushups with various hand spacing, can serve you well enough. deep body weight and sissy squats could suffice for lowerbody.

check this out

be creative.


Fuck excuses. Find reasons.