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Here's the Proof on Nancy



If Bush and Cheney get indicted, then so does Nancy.

They're all criminals, every one. All these national level politicos are criminals, plain and simple.


I'm confused, she's a criminal for knowing about what you purport to be a necessary and valuable technique? How dare she.


She's caught in a lie. She tried to make this an issue and thought somehow people would buy her crap. And now she looks like the idiot she is.

I personally don't think what they did was torture, and Pelosi also agreed with me when she was briefed on this. Now she thinks she can make a big deal about this and she has been busted for the slime that she is.

I think it's funny as shit about this.


Yeah, I get that, I just think it's funny that people who support waterboarding are getting all bent out of shape about it. She lied - she's a politician, why the surprise?

In the end, she agreed with you guys, yet she's the evil Pelosi so it doesn't matter.


Nothing will happen, even if people accuse her of lying, she was not in court under oath. None of them will see a day of trouble, other than reporting busting their balls about it in interviews.


No, she STILL maintains that waterboarding as done by the US was and is torture, and STILL maintains she never (at the time in question) was told it was done and continuing to be done on when determined to be needed, never supported it, and that the CIA is lying when they say she was briefed on it.

So no she has NOT in the end agreed.

Of course, ultimately if it were her decision (but it won't be) whether all those "complicit" in waterboarding should be prosecuted as criminals, she'd have to say turn right back around again, for her own self-protection. But it hasn't come to that and she has not done so.


"I'm coming for your balls, fellas...YER BALLZZZ!!!!!"


She's a liar drowning in her own bullshit and now it is clear to everyone. All that botox probably affected her memory.

She should be thrown out on her ass


I wish you weren't right but you are. Nothing will happen because her voting base spends more time watching American Idol then the news. What really makes it even worse is that since she's a Democrat most of the other Dems will give her a free pass. Just like Obama when he screws up.


Because she tried to smear people with this for her political gain. She got busted as a liar. this should cause people to think, maybe she's always full of shit.