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Here's My Split


On each split, I warm up with one 10 rep set on the first 2 exercises, at around 50-60% of my working weight. All sets thereafter are working sets. My routine is loosely based on 10x10. After the last set of each exercise, I do 30-40 seconds of extreme stretching for that muscle group. On my off days and in the AM on training days (if I feel up for it) I do 20 min HIIT which includes a 5 min warmup and 2-3 minute cooldown. I try to fit in SMR routine at least 3x a week. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Chest/Triceps (Supersets)
Incline DB Press: 1 Warmup (10 reps) 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Incline BB Tricep Extension: 1 Warmup (10 reps) 3 sets x 10-12 reps
BB Bench Press: 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Skull Crushers: 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Assisted Dips: 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Tricep Pushdown with Rope: 3 sets x 10-12 reps

Back/Biceps (Supersets)
Cable Rows: 3x10-12
Standing BB Curl: 3x10-12
Assisted Wide Grip PU: 3x10-12
Seated DB Curl: 3x10-12
Stiff Leg DL: 3x10-12
Machine Preacher: (Dropsets) 3x failure

Legs/Shoulders/Traps (Supersets)
Squats: 3x10-12
DB Military Press: 3x10-12
Leg Press: 3x10-12 (sometimes up to 14)
Standing DB Front Lateral Raise: (Dropset) 3x failure
Leg Curl: 3x10-12
Shrug Cage: 3x10-12
Leg Press Calf Raise: (Rest Pause) 2x failure
Incline DB External Rotation: 2x20

Abs/Grip (Supersets)
Weighted Crunch: 5x12-15
Seated Grip Machine: 10x15-25
Decline Weighted Crunch: (Dropset) 5x failure
Weighted Side Bends: 5x10-12


I read muscle and fitness once too....then I found T-Nation. Read.


Thanks for the warm welcome.


Sometimes we all need a bit of bluntness. There is a wealth of information here, use it, then put together a program or better yet, use one of the ones put together by some amazing strength coaches/body builder coaches.


link to a program you'd recommend! :smiley:


Why do simple when you can do complicated


Welcome :slight_smile:

Just for your information, it's not the best idea to put triceps after chest, then back to chest again (the triceps link is weaker for pushing). If you want to do triceps with chest, do them after you've done chest. Same for biceps and back, don't do biceps before back. If you want to specialise arms (e.g. if they are lagging behind), put them on a day with fewer pushing/pulling exercises (e.g. chest & back/delts & arms/legs) or do triceps with back, and biceps with chest.

If I were you, I'd start off not worrying too much about supersets. Worry more about making the most out of each exercise. Pairing exercises for the sake of time management is fine, but don't expect something magical to happen to your muscles :slight_smile:

Maybe look into ramping - this is where you add more and more weight to the bar on each set (each set prior to the max set is low reps like 3-5 reps/set). So you try to reach the limit on each exercise (thus making better use of your time and becoming more efficient). Instead of having multiple "work sets" with a weight that's not very challenging, you work up to just 1 or 2 max sets with a load that you couldn't use again on another set (unless you lowered it). My max sets usually fall between 8-10 reps (which I find is like a sweet spot for good muscle growth).

If you are relatively new to lifting, don't worry too much about all that other stuff you mentioned (fascia stretching or whatever). Concentrate on getting your strength up for a decent amount of reps.


I couldnt even imagine supersetting squats with any thing else if your going to failure on your sets.


Holy super-sets Batman!

This looks more like a one in a blue moon type work-out to me, as opposed to a staple mass/strength builder.

Just looking at it almost reduces me to a sweaty heap on the floor.

Maybe, just super-set one of your final sets.


I've been in and out of the gym since I was 20. I am now making a real attempt at some results. I've gained a good deal of body fat over the past 2 years and am trying to expedite fat loss while gaining muscle mass. I have weak rotator cuffs. I hit the gym almost every day. I'm also having trouble sticking to a routine. Boredom is my burden. I appreciate the comments and guidance. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks.


Going to failure....? On squats....?


I do not go to failure on squats. I focus on breathing and form. I go deep.


I do not go to failure on squats. I focus on breathing and form. I go deep.


Well yea not failure exactly but I normally do a widowmaker after going up to a top set and im dead for 3 minutes or so after that lol.

Most of the stronger guys on here recommend ramping......jus sayin :smiley:


I've looked into it. Think I might try it out tomorrow for chest day. Also thinking of replacing triceps for biceps on chest day.


How come you do 4 exercises for tricep and only 2 for chest and back? Seems a bit uneven :smiley:


Dips are with chest emphasis. Deads are for lower back.


Stiff leg = hams usually dude......Most people do them with legs. Conventional deads/rack pulls are better for back.

I hear you on the rotator cuff issues btw! Why dont you train your weakest bodyparts? Facepulls seem to work for me :slightly_smiling:


think i might go with the fat loss routine i found on here. sounds like an ass kicker.


Are you being serious? I know you said you get bored, but already? lol Never understood why people get bored, it's not supposed to be fun :slight_smile: It is fun breaking PR's though; maybe you need to be more focussed on increasing loads and getting used to that rush you get from progression.

No need to change your lifting routine when losing fat - just go a bit more moderate with the volume and tame the intensity a little. Main thing is diet and cardio for fat loss.