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Here's My Situation (Cliffs at Bottom)

I’m 5’11 and 143 pounds(up from 121 pounds after a bout with anorexia). I’m 26 and male. ATM I am about 4-6% BF(this is dexa scanned) and I am now able to weight lift on all lifts except the deadlift(my lower back is messed up and my doctor has advised me to stay away from it and all its variants).

Given that and the fact that I have the time to train everyday if needed, I was thinking of doing the routine posted by Kingbeef(his 5day split routine). My goals are also more toward being fit overall and looking good/feeling good than raw power lifting numbers(I am not one of those kids who just wants to look good for summer but my long term goal is 180 or so at a healthy BF). Due to issues with the deadlift I was going to swap out RDLs altogether and perhaps replace it with a standing leg curl or any other suggestions you may have).

Since I am just beginning for all intents and purposes(been in the gym before I ever had anorexia but didn’t take it too seriously), I am being instructed on how to properly perform the lifts(besides the deadlift in the immediate future) by a trainer I am working with. As far as nutrition goes, due to my issues with food, I am just eating whatever I want and in addition I have 3-4 protein shakes a day and even at this point I need to fill out my frame with fat(doctor’s orders and also mentally need to get to a new scale weight). Would you suggest a different program or is a 5 day split good for someone with my goals? I did alot of research and frankly between all the sites I have visited this one seems to have the most REAL WORLD knowledge on building physiques. Thanks for the time and sorry for the long read.

Cliffs -
Recovering from anorexia
Severely underweight for my height(look unhealthy)-just cleared for weight training
Want to do Kingbeef’s 5 day split(I can train everyday if necessary)
Can’t deadlift due to lower back for now
Nutrition is hitting my protein and whatever I want(dirty bulking so recovery not an issue)
Ultimate goal is 180 or so pounds at a healthy BF
Researched many sites but feel this is the most well-informed on real world results
Thanks for the time

His split is fine, very good actually for anyone who wants to do a split. It’s well thought out, explained, and covers all the bases. Just eat smart and push yourself in the weight room. Especially since you WANT to gain some fat, make sure you are eating enough to gain weight and really give it your all in the weight room and in a couple months you’ll be very happy with your progress, muscle wise and weight wise.

If you want to train 6x a week just add another day where you hit whichever body part you want to devote more time to. I know it seems like you need the “perfect split” but the reality is a lot of stuff works, as long as you hit all body parts and do it with intensity.

Thanks for the reassurance fisch. Another reason why I wanted a split was for cardio reasons as I am extremely limited in that regard. I am only allowed to do 3 15 min LISS sessions a week and frankly cardio is how I got into trouble before. Much appreciated on the reply and have a good one.