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Here's My Plan


yo people here is my plan please critique my plan.

Even though I am 37, have a neck that is mostly immobile
am slower then shit, and my shoulders and hips crack most of the day.
I am going to shake off the dust and get in the cage.

With no prior striking experience save in like a bar- a few muay thai lessons I should be good
I mean I did wrestling in college,and play "some" judo
and I know a few boxers like Freddy Libaratore and Jill Emmery.
Im good at arm wrestling too, and I took one jeet-kundo lesson
but am learning joesondo from a dude at work.

Mon, chest and biceps
Tues bike cardio and judo in the PM
Wed quads and calves and muay thai in the am
Thur rear delts, back triceps BJJ in the pm
Fri hamstrings , glute tie ins and abs BJJ in the pm

all sets reps

Sat more bike cardio and hit the heavy bag in mom's garage.
Sun judo and muay thai, and I might deadlift too.

I should add that I will box squat, and deadlift in my katana suit.
and run 5 miles every morning,and in the evening
roll a bottle on my shin for the callouses on the bone,and use my
captains of crush,and work on some tatoos

for judo and BJJ I will be going to John Danaher cuz we are tight.
for boxing I will box at gleasons in Brooklyn
and muaythai the guys at the restaurant have a heavy bag and a tire in the back yard.

here is my diet
I am following the anabolic diet but with more carbs.
I guess I might have to cut some weight...
I weigh 176, but a 5"5 that kind of sucks
maybe someone can tell me how o do it?

thanks people


Walking At Night?
Finger/Knuckle Pain. Still Box Today?


Thanks for the chuckle.



3x10 in my opinion isn't going to help, except probably make you sore to train skills. Stick to complex movements for your lifts. Drills & skills training for conditioning.


You should definitely cut.


I dont know about this cutting thing.
I already bought fight shorts that fit.

I don't think drills are enough for cardio, you are right I will add one more day of recumbant bike cardio

3x10 ftw.



I am really sore from yesterday
I did 3x10 of lying leg curls
standing calf raises
and glute kick backs.
then did a ton of crunches.

I felt it on the run this morning-
but the squats and sumo deads this morning felt ok in the double ply.

So I am off to my my moms to work the heavy bag.
its canvas, but I dont need gloves.



Screw the heavy bag in your mom's garage! You need to hit cows at your uncles farm. Also you should only do crunches, bench press, and bicep curls. That's all a fighter really needs; that is, to look big. Also don't cut, like you said you've already got shorts that fit. Drink lot's of beer, it helps you recover from those hard ass arm workouts, and get's your biceps some extra reps.

On another note.

Join a frat, it'll help with your dedication.


No stupidass. You gotta hit slabs of meat.


The fact that only one person seems to have realised this is a joke is really pathetic.

Combat forum 0 - troll 1


What are you looking at? Only one missed the joke I think


It would also be ironic if we were all made of iron.


My bad Irish, but I am from KS. Less slabs lying around than actual cows. Plus cows fight back.

Brisks. You can't read, stop posting here.




Yo whats a troll?
dont hate son, im just gifted.

the heavy bag went good today, I only fell once.

I did spray paint 12 cirlces on it with numbers so I can hit my combos

I ordered a set of flippers and a snorkel on ebay-the snorkel helps with sleep apnea and with my deviated septum from all the heavy sparring brah.

the flippers are for the runs and the recumbant bike they are going to blow my vertical out of the water... and they are awesome for adding sive on the calves.

Irish is right I am going to go to the halal butcher in Brooklyn on avenue J and chase some chickents and do 1000 low kicks on a hanging goat, and my 6 shot combo's on the sides of beef.

can anyone tell me what to do for cauliflower ear?
mine is still pretty lame, I want to get it to look like a mushroom





instead of working your rear delts and rear triceps on thursdays, try working your inner chest and forearms, it will help with the cow fighting


Why does every one think I am cow fighting....

I am an MMA fighter cows are possible heavy bags, but I do think you might be right I might need to add in a second chest day, upper and inner and lower on separate days.

Today in Judo It was a good day we learned a technique or two then I threw everyone for ippon. being keru obi has its privlages.

during my run today the flippers were awesome
my calve are swole,
the snorkel does intereferea little with my custom blinged out mouthpiece but I feslt it in my nostrils.

off to drink a monster drink,brah
eat my 6th meal and later muay thai in the back of the restarant.

box squats and sumo deads today were mad easy




haha oh man


woo that has been one busy weekend..
my metro card got allot of milage on the bus and subway in the big city.

Yesterday's Judo was awesome, I got my rash guards that match the patches on my gi-and the colors of the tatoos on my neck.
the other guys aren't as fastidious with their equipment coordiation , WTF? right?

the thai boxing in the back of the restaraunt was ok, the cememnt in the back yard of the thai food restaurant was slippery from the rain- the four rolls of tape I had on my feet didnt really help either.
it made low kicks on the bag a little challenging but I just count the falls as extra ukemi.

and at one point the packs of napkins we where using where called into service for the restaurant
so no pads, kind of slowed us down.
but taking a quick bath in the ice-machine hopper set me straight.

this mornings run , with the flippers and snorkel was fast, I rocked it out, my cavlves are getting jacked and the deviated septum I dont even notice it...
these flippers are so much better then the five fingers I was using or teh VS athletics spritners shoes.
the deads and box squats were too light today
need to move up to two plates a side next time

today in the gym was good too listened to tool and vintage 9 inch nails and front 242

did decline smith machine
hammer strength incline machine
hammer strength flat machine
incline db flys pinky's out
cable standing press
pec deck maching
cable crossovers
machine dips
machine incline fly's

preacher curls straight bar
bb ez bar standing curls STRICT
1 arm db preacher curls
cable concentraion curls
cable crossover curls
strict hammer curls
machine curls
prone cable curls unilaterally
zotman curls
reverse curls BB
reverse culrs db preacher

all sets 3x10
*to failure last reps forced.

I think I might need to ad another weight day, giving up the two days to spar or roll doesnt seem right.

today I added muslce milk back into my shakes
I was getting , too lean.



I just pissed myself LOL