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Here's My Plan 2016


I am going to make a comeback.

so Im old.
and Kinda busted .
perhaps a bit soft
Im perfect for the times.

with USADA testing - and the banning of IV rehydration
no more weight cuts
no more EPO fueled gas tanks
no more roidz
no mor TRT

shit - bisping just beat Anderson Silva.

Hoyce Gracie just kicked Ken Shamrocks balls for a few grand.
Sean Sherk immediately jumped to face book to say he was IN.
for Gracie to kick his balls
he got right to Hoyce face.

Baby Jesus Penn- joined a proper gym so he must be feeling the fire too- or just owes the IRS money.

shit that fat russian kid came back to take some money too.

the time is ripe.

I got a few training issues to sort out though first.

Im missing 2/3s of my left hamstring- but that will help me not cut as much weight. Im missing my PCL and MCL and got a new ACL
from my own tendons- doc says that shit is strong as fuk.
he also said not to do too much. but what does he know.

no more road work - and no more jump rope
bah - who needs it recumbent bike and eliptical it is.

I cant really change levels
or knee down.
and I cant move side to side that fast actually not at all

i’ll need to tape up my knee - like Kasushi Sakuraba used to in pride with like 500 yards of flesh colored tape
and so bssically I can just like bench and ride a bike.

thats some old school training right there.
Ill just stand and Bang.

thats a good start for now.


So, just like the brothers Nog? Start boxing with the guy they and Junior Dos Santos get coached by. He seems to be anti head movement as well. So we got that solved.

I would add some curls.

Awesome post.


Robert A


Are you Dan Henderson?


of course!

I was thinking along those lines as well.
footwork and lateral motion >overrated


I have a few more teeth.

and def dont have that right hand.
but A few rounds of TRT and I would have that KO powah


There is no need to put on airs.

donnydarkoirl lives in the land of United Kingdom dentistry.

donnydaroirl, I feel the pain. I live in Pennsylvania. We have a lot of trees. A decent amount of fuel. And relatively few intact bites.


Robert A


He might just hate you for that bit!


There is nothing wrong with Irish or English teeth
americans are just slaves to braces.
I guess I have shitty teeth too.



Nate Diaz further proved my point.
He didnt cut any weight- and he gave that Irish kid on teh roidz the sonson.

in Fact Nate was a little bit chubby- and we all know you perform better when carrying more fat.
look at all those West side bastards.

I did reach out to some trainers emphasizing that I had no kicks
cant run or jump rope or change levels- and only a few replied.
those fuckers.


Ive been working on my stockton slap

first I went to the ice cream spot and got all they old buckets
three of them.
then I filled one with rice
filled the next one with bb’s
filled the last one with bigger ball bearings.

then I made my hand like a blade
you know basic shit- you make all your fingers the same size…
and stabbed each bucket like 8990,877, times
cant fuk with that.

later I hit the bag with a hypoxia mask

I knew youd like that - you copy pasters.


I knew something was missing from my training. S&M/Fallout costplay.

I have much to learn.


Robert A


Cause ni**az styles are old like Mark 5 sneakers
Lyrics are weak, like clock radio speakers
Don’t even stop in my station and attack
While your plan failed, hit the rail, like Amtrak

thats right your training is weak like clock radio speakers

starting to work on my own methodology for training with a pipe cleaner leg
I found a striking coach -
yes a proper one -

he was thrilled that I had a work ethic and had a ton of experience with people with no rythem

I trained in his apartment courtyard- but the pigeon shit was vile
then he rode me on the handlebars of his bike to our next spot

a quick stop at the clinic for his methadone
and we are good.
he dropped me off downtown- at my movement coach

he is also my new acupuncturist
that shit is real son - no more chiro for me.
this is back to basics - so what- shit is driven by my lack of funds
but it has opened my eyes to that really all I need to do is jump rope pushups and run
and listen to my coach.
well that pipe cleaner leg - jump rope and running be out
push ups and that ffed up shoulder - nah. I can just do kettle bells and be good