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Here's Another "What Do You Think of my First Cycle" Thread


Quick backstory.

I am 39, started lifting at 29, currently 6’2 195 pounds. Have never tried AAS.

First time I ever did bloodwork I was 32 and a half, Total test was 586, free test was higher than normal range at 26.2, Estradiol was low, like 9 pg/nl, that was totally natty readings.

Years went by, I continued lifting, then in late 2016 it was discovered that i had a large tumor on the right side of my Thyroid, a biopsy couldn’t determine whether it was cancerous or not so they had to perform a lobectomy and cut the right side of my thyroid out. Tumor was benign. They took bloodwork before and after the surgery and again several months after the surgery and everything appeared to be normal.

Fast forward to 2018 and I felt like a different person, low energy, no sex drive, difficulty maintaining erections depression etc…

Went to the doctor, turns out I was hypothyroid, yeah, so the next time you hear some bro tell you “you can lose most of your thyroid but as long as there is a small piece of tissue left over it will make enough thyroid hormone” yea i’m proof that is bullshit.

Anyway, I asked for a testosterone test to go along with that and my level came back as 327 pg/nl which of course they tried to tell me was normal, I told them I was 586 only 6 years earlier, a near 45% drop in 6 years is not normal.

So they put me on Levothyroxine, and after being on the medication for 6 months my test levels are higher, 488 pg/nl, my free test is low, 6.6 pg/nl, estradiol low as well 11 pg/nl, so the levothyroxine raised my test levels a lot from where they were but not nearly high enough. My endo is VERY anti AAS, he started going off right away " TRT is dangerous, it is prescribed way to much in this country its a big problem blah blah"

The thing that gets me the most about my test levels is, I eat healthy, I don’t smoke, I never drink alcohol , never party or do drugs, I’m lean, eat organic and grass fed all the time.

Ive done tons of research on AAS, PCT, dosages side effects etc…

This is what I have ordered for my first cycle, the test dosage is not up for discussion, Ive already read the 500 other threads where it becomes an argument of “you are going to get SHUT DOWN whether you use 250mg a week or 500mg a week so just use the high amount and get more gains”

1 vial Dragon Pharma Testosterone Enanthate 250
1 satchet of Dragon Pharma Arimidex 100/1mg
5 1000iu Ampules of HCG Organon, Turkey
1 satchet of Dragon Pharma Nolvadex 100/20mg

I plan on running 250mg of Test e per week splitting it into 2 125mg injections mon/thurs for 8 weeks

I need some help on the proper Arimidex dosage, most dosage recommendations have stated from between .25 to .5 mgs EOD, some people say twice a week, but that is for the 500mg a week of test e, so how much should I run for 250mg? Half of .25 EOD?

I plan on injecting 250 iu of HCG twice a week, should i do it on the same days i pin test or alternating days?

Nolvadex I will run 2 weeks after my last test e pin, 40mg ED for first 2 weeks followed by 20mgs ED for the final 2 weeks, 4 weeks total.

Thanks for reading my book and I look forward to advice on the cycle.


Proper arimidex starting dose is 0mg twice a week. With your insanely low e2 and the modest amount of test you’ll be running you should not use an AI unless you actually need it.


Firstly, might want to remove the lab names from your post.

Second: I wouldn’t bother with either the arimidex or the hcg, just run the test and Nolvadex for PCT. Keep the arimidex on hand just incase you start having severe high estrogen symptoms, but try 20mg/day of Nolvadex first. FWIW arimidex dosage is user dependant and will take some experimenting to get right.

8 weeks is pretty short as the Test E will have just arrived at peak blood saturation by the time you’re ending the cycle. You might extend the cycle a few weeks to get the full benefit of the drug.

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The two gents above nailed it. Do not use the AI. In fact I bet the boost in E2 you are going to get may in fact make you feel better since you’ve been low on aromatizing naturally. Min cycle length is 10 weeks IMO for this type of cycle and 12 would be ideal. I don’t like your test dose but hey it your call.


You complete me.

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Any time I have ever run Test E by itself it has been at 500mg/week for 10 weeks. 1 shot (250mg) every 3-4 days and my results were always really good. You might want to look into upping your dosage, frequency of injection, and also the length of your cycle if you are going to be serious about this, since Test E is a long acting ester. As per Steroid .com,

" As a long ester testosterone, Test-Enanthate should be injected once per week at minimum; one injection per week will keep your blood levels high above their baseline. However, once injected and made active in the body blood levels will start to fall rapidly around the four to five day mark. Due to this fact most Test-Enanthate users will necessarily need to inject the hormone two times per week in order to maintain peak levels"

Just something to keep in mind given the regimen you have planned out. Best of luck my friend


Thanks for the feedback to all that replied.

The reason I am going with a lower dose of test than is regularly recommended and which is still a VERY high dose in the sense that it will more than likely raise my test levels far above any level they’ve ever been even eclipsing my raging teenage years, and the reason also that I am opting for 8 weeks are these.

I want to cut down as much as possible on negative side effects, it stands to reason that the higher the dose of the test and the longer the duration of the cycle = your HPTA being thrown out of whack much more severely. Also this is my first cycle ever and I’d rather ease in and test the waters as gently as possible.

You guys seem very knowledgeable, I have a question, with someone like me that naturally has very low estrogen, is that in anyway a sign of how I might react to a sudden increase in testosterone like do people with higher estrogen normally have issues with gyno or excessive E2 that had it before cycling or?

One last VERY important question, syringe type and needle size? Injecting myself is giving me the most anxiety about this tbh.

Thanks again.


I’m on TRT and my T has been at 650 at trough. But, I shoot every 4 days, 80mg, so 250mg should put you supra-physiological. The question is whether or not it is worth it to shut down your natural production for the bump to whatever you’ll get, say it’s 1500. It seems like you have answered that question for yourself, and ultimately, anyone doing gear needs to come to their own conclusions.

I order 3mg syringes with a Luer lock, 18ga needles to draw (length doesn’t matter) and 25ga to inject. I inject subq so I get the 5/8" length. At 250mg a week, you’re kind of in a gray area for subq unless you go to EOD. If you’re going to inject IM, it depends on your BF and your injection sites. 1" or 1 1’2" should work fine.

Best sites to inject are glutes, quads, and delts. Delts and quads you can def use 1", glutes may require longer.

Injecting is no big deal at all. Watch a few videos on YouTube.

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That’s not how it works. The shutdown from 8 weeks looks identical to the shutdown from 12 weeks.

You are doing this to “test the waters” and trying to get gains with as littlr as possible that could go wrong.

Unfortunately your plan is the complete opposite. You are shutting yourself down that’s fact #1 the shut down from 8 weeks is the same as say 12-14 weeks fact #2 what’s not the same is the gains from 8 weeks to 12-14. So when your bring out the risk/rewards scale all your risk from a 8 week cycle are the same as a longer cycle but the reward is minimal on the 8 week where as its increases greatly with a longer cycle.


Woa buddy can’t talk brands… mods was sleeping at the wheel SMH😔
Actually that stuffs not bad I used it good price…
Just bang 250 on Mon & Thurs (500 total)
Anastrozle .25eod
HCG 500 per week
12 weeks don’t be a puss get Dem gainz
Than pick a pct plan


250 mg is just TRT. That’s seriously not worth doing except as a test of your response. You probably don’t need arimidex unless you’re planning on a gram a week minimum with E2 that low. Even then you’d probably be fine.

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At around 200mg/week my total test was 2000 and free was 36. It took about 6 months to see a real difference in size and I’m not entirely sure I couldn’t have gained the same amount without the T. You’ll notice this forum is known for telling people to not go crazy on dosage so when the main guys are saying you’re doing too little then you should probably listen. What you think in your head you are going to get from 250mg is actually what you’d get at 500mg. If you are going to do it you might as well get something out of it.

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