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Here2log’s quest for 400/500/600

Got a bench session in yesterday, actually did it at the gym. Setup in the squat rack and used one of their good bars, bench was still a bit slick but not bad all things considered.

20 min walk
Shoulder warmup
Bench: 135 x 10, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 5, 295 x3, 315 x 3, 205 2x8 (one wide set, one close grip)
Dip push down machine: 180 3x10 (2 narrow, one wide)
One super set of face pulls, tricep overheads and pulldowns.

Wasn’t a spectacular workout, struggled to get tight and engage my lats but got to a decent place eventually. Shoulder popped oddly (some pain) on my face pulls so I decided to call it, seems fine now. In other news, the soreness in my right quad is like 30x more sore than any other portion of my legs, think I must’ve strained (sprained? pulled?) some muscles in there. It’s mildly painful to walk and going down stairs, sucks, hard. Will stretch it out and move through it, imagine it’ll be fine in a few days


Drank a fair bit last night and ate a lot of pizza, just got out and took a walk. Still a decent amount of pain that was exacerbated by trying to kick a walnut (lolsob).

Did a really light back and bi workout, got a bit of sweat going, only thing really of note is that I did some kneeling SA lat pulldowns with bands that felt great. Obviously didn’t deadlift.

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Had a busy social day yesterday, which is a change of pace for Ithaca, was fun but pretty tiring. Got in a 3.5ish mile walk this morning, weather is still pretty decent, thankfully.

17 min walk
Shoulder warmup
OHP: bar x 10, 115 x 5, 135 x 5, 155 x 3, 185 x 3, 195 x 3, 155 2x8 (push pressed last 3 on set 2)
Lateral raises: 20 x 10, 25 x 10, 30 x 10
DB shrugs: 55 x 15, 60 x 15, 65 x 15
Cable front raise: 20 3 x 10
Rear delt machine fly: 100 3 x 8

Head wasn’t really in it but my body felt good so ended up having a solid session, 195 x 3 was solid, back off sets not so much. Quad is feeling significantly better today but I’m questionable about hitting legs tomorrow, will probably just try and get some easy cardio in.


Solid pressing. Now that you’ve been there for a little while, what do you think of Ithaca?

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It’s a mixed bag.
I miss the city and although Ithaca has something of an urban area, it doesn’t really do the trick for me. It’s also much more expensive than I thought, I think inflation is impacting everyone but dining out here is essentially equivalent to Seattle and the quality of food is absolutely not worth it, which is saving me money. Rent is also not cheap. The summer wasn’t great weather/bug wise and I’m also scared of the impending winter.

The nature here is great though, I have multiple trails outside of my house, I live within 10 min of a river, 15 from multiple lakes, and there are gorgeous state parks all around. Even though I miss the city, the calm and slower pace here has been good for my stress/anxiety levels, I’m generally more at ease. The fall has been spectacular, it rains quite a lot but there have been a lot of cool clear days too and it’s lasted a long time. We’re hitting freezing regularly but it’s still nice enough to walk with a decent coat and some pants.

I am enjoying it, much more than expected, but doubt I stay here long term

I almost applied to Cornell for college, and I’m so glad I didn’t. I didn’t know the area was so expensive either. The area seems isolating, though I’ve never been to say for sure. Either way I definitely still want to visit someday. It looks gorgeous. It seemed like you and your partner went through a lot earlier this year, so I’m glad you’re enjoying the fresh start.

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The area is pretty isolating, flying out of here is nearly impossible and crazy expensive even from relatively close airports. I’m looking at 800 dollars and a full day of travel to get back to Las Vegas, probably not going to do it

Pretty slammed today

25 min walk, 5 min run
DB RDL: 60 x 8, 65 x 8, 70 x 8
Ham SL curls: 45 per side 3 x 8
Quad extensions: 70 x 20, 110 3x10

Stopped there, quad felt good, will get back to squatting next session. Got my booster today, will probably be out of commission tomorrow. Got our first snow of consequence today, it stuck all day, I walked a couple miles in it as the sun was setting, was a bit cold but nowhere near prohibitive at this point.


Not sure if you already know about it, but I use Scott’s Cheap Flights to notify me of amazing and rare deals on flights. I would check it out to see what it’s like for flights to and or from Ithaca. I do not work for them, lol

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I’ve heard of it but never used it, I’ll check it out!

Bagsy, STEM PhD student/random deal website shill, it all makes sense now.

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Didn’t lift yesterday but didn’t feel too bad, got my steps in.

Did a quick back workout before thanksgiving

Rope curl: 35 3x10
Band hammer curls: 3x10
Trap DL: 150 2x10, 240 x5, x 30 (death)
BB rows: 135 2x10, 185 x 10
Banded lat pulldowns: some

That 30 rep deadlift reminded me I was already sore, hadn’t been deadlifting and that my conditioning is lacking. Good stuff though. Happy thanksgiving everyone


Got my mildly hungover ass on a walk this morning and into the gym this afternoon.

Shoulders, powered by Thanksgiving leftovers
20+ min walk
Shoulder warmup
OHP: 95 x 5, 135 x 5, 155 x 3, 175 3x5, 135 x 10
Pull-ups: 5 (been throwing these in but not logging them)
Lateral DB: 20 3x12
DB shrugs: 60 3x20
Front cable raise: 20 3x10
Face pulls: 60 2x15

OHP was tough but felt good fundamentally, everything else was accessory but felt fine. Winter is definitely knocking on the door, the small rains are all light snows, still essentially no accumulation but I imagine this won’t last long. GF isn’t much of an exerciser but wanted something to do this winter so talked me into paying for half of a Peloton (she at least gets a $10 a month subscription instead of $39, through school), it wouldn’t have been my first or second choice but it will give me an easy cardio option during the winter.


Got about 12k steps in by sundown then went and did a quick leg session.

Duffalo squats: bar x 10, 145 x 5, 195 x 5, 255 x 5, 285 x 2, 325 x 2, 345 x 3, 235 2x8
Belt squat: 90 x 10, 140 2x10

Was going to do hamstring curls but someone was using the machine and my legs felt roughly like the gravy I ate on Thursday. Finally figured out the belt squat, put my feet closer and further forward so the weight was closer to my heel, miserably good.


Had a really relaxed day yesterday, got 13k steps in but no lifting.

Was planning a bench day today but my neighbor who has been bugging me to show her an upper routine finally got her claws in me today, she is small and not strong so my workout was a hodgepodge of stuff. Ended up sneaking away at the end for a few lat movements, a chest movement, and some lower back stuff. Not much of a workout but got some sweat going, planning on pushing the bench to tomorrow.

Got my 3rd consecutive month of 10k steps locked down, 4th will be a challenge now that snow is on the ground.



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