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Here2log’s quest for 400/500/600

Got out of work for a bit and hit a back workout will do biceps at home tonight.

12 min walk
Pulldown: 90 (per side) x 10, 115 3x8
Tbar row: 95 3x10
Straight arm pulldown: 60 3x10
Back raises: 2x10, 25lbs 2x10

My pulldown machine has the least grippy grip ever, forearms were pumped from holding on for dear life. Below is the “Tbar”, not exactly that but my lats were feeling good


Walked a few more miles, went to the store then just went and did arms.

Didn’t feel like doing much so I did
Axle x100
But I did them unbroken for the first time ever, decided I was going for it at 70, pump is insane.

My overall uptick in activity is making it hard for my legs to recover even with improved protein intake. Been averaging 13k plus the last 3 days including a hike, squatted the day before those 3 and my legs are feeling fatigued. Might drop it back to like 7k tomorrow and do a bench session


Pro tip:

Every rubber handle makes straps basically impossible to use. Take a paper towel in each had and wrap it once (not rolling over it self) and you will have unlocked almost unlimited grip strength. It’s what I do with every rubber handle and it’s mind blowing how good it works

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My gym currently only has some clorox wipe thing available in my main space, might have to run to the bathroom to get some paper towels before next back day lol. I definitely used that trick for deadlifting before I had straps, might have to give it another shot!

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So I was walking down my stairs last night, heading to bed, in the dark and missed the last step. I normally have my toes hanging off the end of the stair (large feet) and so when I missed the step I just ended up putting my big toe down, folding it under and stepping on that. Hurt like a motherfucker and is bruised to shit but I think it’s just a sprain and isn’t too bad to walk on, calling it a win. Guess that was the easiest way to keep my steps down.

Shoulder warmup
Tricep rope: 35 2 x15
Bench: 135 x 10, 205 x 5, 245 x 5 (wraps), 275 x 3, 315 x 2, 345 x 3 (slingshot), 365 x 3 (ss), 375 x 2 (ss), 225 2x5 (close grip), 225 2x5 (wide grip)
Overhead band tris: 3x10
Pullups: 1x3 (unassisted), 2x6 (assisted)

Haven’t used the slingshot much since I’ve had it, was pretty fun. I need to train with a wider grip occasionally to get more chest involvement, my triceps dominate the movement which is fine but not ideal. Feel confident I could get 405 with the slingshot but don’t plan on it anytime soon. Haven’t had much in the way of carbs, except through veggies (tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini), and am guessing that’s why this workout kicked my ass.

Going to go take a short walk and test out the toe some more.


Toe is feeling pretty much normal!

Jumped out of work and got some legs done

10 min walk
Shoulder Warmup
Duffalo Squats: 145 x 5 195 x5 245 x 5, 285 x 3, 305 x 5, 325 x 5, 345 x 5 (rough), 235 x 10 (short rest, rougher)
RDL: 115 x 10, 205 2 x 8, 255 x 6
Leg extensions: 90 x 15, 110 x 15, 130 x 15.

Already at 8k steps, might run tonight depending on how the gf is feeling will probably make it to 12k steps either way. Really pleased with how my training and diet are going at the moment


Wanted to take a day off lifting, probably needed it. Decided to run instead, got about 100 plods in and decided I was going to do a 5k today.

Ran it at 11:01 pace, first 2.6 miles we’re about 11:15 so I picked it up the last half mile. Probably should’ve just stayed at an easy pace but I’m happy I did it. PRs set are slowest 5k I’ve ever run and heaviest I’ve ever run a 5k (296 lbs). Hoping to not duplicate that again lol

Parents are coming into town from tomorrow until Tuesday then I head to NYC for some debauchery the rest of the week, will try and keep the training up until I leave and count my vacation as a deload


Had a few ciders and pizza last night, really cool place on the west side of Cayuga lake called Finger Lakes Cider House.

Walked a couple miles in the rain this morning then
OHP: 90 x 8, 135 x 5, 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 5, 195 x 3, 215 x 2, 165 x 10 (last two were push presses)
Lateral raises: 20x 12, 25 x 10, 30 x 8
DB shrugs: 40 x 12, 50 x 10, 60 x 8
Face pulls: 70 x 12, 80 x 10, 90 x 8

Grip was a little wider to start and my shoulders don’t really enjoy that, going to stay more narrow, pressing just felt a bit off today but still had decent results. I keep doing db shrugs because they’re the same place as I do lateral raises but I get nearly nothing out of them, high pulls/rows/cleans all hit the traps better for me.

Parents flight got cancelled into Ithaca so they’re flying to Rochester and I’m picking them up in a few hours, not exactly how I was intending to spend my Saturday but such is life.


Damn dude this is some STRONG press work!!! Super jelly

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Didn’t lift yesterday but got 20k steps and went to a concert, venue was cool but kind of sucked (large, seated).

Ran 1.5 miles in 14:30 (9:40 average), actually ran for a minute or two longer but forgot to press start, pretty insignificant. Run felt pretty good though.

Waited about an hour and did a quick back session

Rope curls: 25 x 15
Rows: 135 2x10, 165 x 8, 225 2x8
Axle curl: 60 3x10
Trap DL: 240 x 8, 310 2x8

Was planning on doing more but was just gassed, still a pretty good day